Future Data Architectures

The Ad Hoc Team on Future Data Access & Analysis Architectures


Integrated Archiving via the Data Cube

Note: We are currently preparing/updating documents to reflect the 2016 CEOS Plenary decision to extend this Ad Hoc Team. We’ll post those updates here soon.


The 2016 CEOS Chair’s Ad Hoc Team on Future Data Access & Analysis Architectures (FDA) assesses the potential of new technologies and approaches to bridge the gap between the huge volumes of Earth observation (EO) data and the users developing applications to tackle key environmental, economic, and social challenges. The team’s goal is to strengthen the international community’s capacity to efficiently and easily produce relevant, timely, and accurate information, allowing us to better tackle these ‘big issues’ at regional and global scales.

The CEOS Ad Hoc Team on FDA was initiated at the 29th CEOS Plenary meeting in 2015 and was tasked with developing a report on the current status of data supply, access, processing, and delivery to provide guidance to CEOS on the potential that new high-performance, cloud-computing technologies can provide.

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