Non-meteorological Applications

The Ad Hoc Team on Non-Meteorological Applications for Next Generation Geostationary Satellites


The 2016 CEOS Chair’s Ad Hoc Team on Non-meteorological Applications for Next Generation Geostationary Satellites (NMA) investigates the combined potential of advanced meteorological geostationary (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites to deliver continuous monitoring of the high-temporal dynamics of the land, oceans, and atmosphere. This data will enhance and complement the LEO-based applications that have been the workhorse for monitoring of the broader environment.

The CEOS Ad Hoc Team on NMA was initiated at the 29th CEOS Plenary meeting in 2016 and tasked with developing a report that provides comprehensive and pragmatic guidance to CEOS on the new opportunities arising from next generation geostationary satellites and GEO-LEO synergies.

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