Meetings & Events

SIT-32 (2017)

About 20 people convened for the AHT-SDG Side Meeting at the 32nd Meeting of the CEOS Strategic Implementation Team (SIT-32). During this meeting, we presented on the complexity of the UN SDG process (who is doing what), discussed where we want to go as a group, and our next steps.

Ultimately, as we take stock of the UN processes in place for SDG implementation and of existing participants and stakeholders, we will focus our activities around the unique role that CEOS can play as a coordinating body for the space community’s efforts to support the integration of satellite Earth observation in support of the full realisation of the SDGs.

We will also align our engagement with the UN SDG Agenda in the context of GEO (GEO Programme Board, GEO Engagement Strategy, GEO’s EO4SDGs initiative) and build on established relationships that CEOS Agencies have with the SDG custodian agencies and individual countries. GEO (Barbara Ryan) provided a very informative presentation on the GEO approach to the SDGs. Take a look at our AHT-SDG SIT-32 presentation, as well as our new Terms of Reference, for more information.

AHT-SDG-1 (2017)

The AHT-SDG team met in Washington DC from March 8-9, 2017 to plan the way forward for the main activities and strategic directions for the AHT-SDG.

The 30th CEOS Plenary (2016)

CEOS agreed to the establishment of this Ad Hoc Team to coordinate and drive CEOS activities in support of the UNSDGs, through GEO and other pathways.

SIT-31 (2016)

At the 31st Meeting of the CEOS Strategic Implementation Team (SIT-31), CEOS emphasized its role in supporting the UNSDG process:

Decision 3: The CEOS way forward on the UNSDGs will be undertaken in conjunction with GEO & the UN Initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM), supplemented by a top-down dialogue with relevant UN Agencies and with individual CEOS Agencies making connections within their governments.