Water Strategy Implementation Study Team

In January of 2014, the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) published the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) Water Strategy Report (WSR), which reviews current capabilities for monitoring water cycle components, identifies a number of gaps and requirements, and makes several recommendations.

In response to the WSR, the Integrated Global Water Cycle Observation (IGWCO) Community of Practice will draft a GEOSS Water Implementation Plan (WIP) to consolidate the commitments of GEO Members and Participating Organizations toward building a global water monitoring system. CEOS was specifically invited to identify the WSR recommendations it might help address.

The WSIST Objective

The WSIST, formed at the 28th CEOS annual Plenary meeting (2014), will review the 22 WSR recommendations identified as highly relevant to CEOS and prepare a CEOS response for inclusion in the WIP.

This response will be presented first for consideration to the 30th CEOS Strategic Implementation Team Meeting (SIT-30) in March/April, 2015. Based on the outcome of SIT-30 discussions, a consolidated response from CEOS will be forwarded to IGWCO, and a recommended way forward on CEOS oversight of the actions will be proposed for consideration and decision at the annual CEOS Plenary meeting in 2015.

Contact Us

Please take a look at the WSIST Terms of Reference or feel free to contact the WSIST interim Chairperson, Chu Ishida (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA), for more information.