WGISS Webinars

Webinar from the CEOS Working Group on Information Systems & Services (WGISS) Technology Exploration Subgroup.

Webinar Topic: Relevancy Ranking of Data Search Results
Date: Tuesday, March 14, 2017
Time:   11:30 UTC  (7:30am US EDT)  —  Find your local time by clicking this link.

Watch the recorded webinar.

As CEOS Earth Observations grow in both quantity and variety, users face increasing challenges in finding the most appropriate data for their use.  Ranking data search results by their expected relevance for the user is potentially one of the most powerful ways to help users quickly zero in on the best data for their purpose. This webinar will look at some of the techniques being used within Earth Observation data search tools, followed by a discussion of possible future directions in relevancy ranking.


  1. Introduction to the topic – 10 minutes – Chris Lynnes
  2. Search Relevancy in EOSDIS – 10 minutes – James Norton
  3. Search Relevancy in GEO Data Access Broker –  10 minutes – Stefano Nativi
  4. Looking forward in Search Relevancy – 10 minutes – Chris Lynnes & Stefano Nativi
  5. Questions/Discussion