Event Dates: June 28th - 30th, 2017


The 13th Meeting of the Atmospheric Composition Virtual Constellation

Location: National Center for Space Studies (CNES) Headquarters | Paris, France

Hosted by: CNES

We will need to have the list of attendees at least one week before the meetings (for security purposes) and identification will be mandatory to enter. Attendees must register using the link above. Requests for poster presentation can be submitted at the time of registration using the link above.

Many thanks to Carole Deniel of CNES for kindly volunteering to be our local host! For those needing to get a visa to enter France, you may list Carole as the point of contact.

Also, for NASA attendees, this meeting is in NCTS, so submit the usual conference attendance request as needed: NCTS # 28459-17, 13th Atmospheric Composition Virtual Constellation (AC-VC-13).


The CNES Headquarters is convenient to the Paris Metro and you may find your own hotel as you wish. Here is a list of hotels near CNES (Paris, 1st district).

Agenda Overview:

  • 28 June: Greenhouse gas constellation (full day)
  • 29 June: Air quality constellation (full day including new aerosol AQ theme)
  • 30 June: Ozone trends (half day) and any other business

Draft Agenda

This year we are also considering having poster presentations in addition to the oral talks.