CEOS Development Environment

CEOS-ARD Newsletter

CEOS-ARD has been developing rapidly. These regular newsletter updates will provide useful overviews of the highlights.

  • Issue #1 – April 2022
    • New CEOS-ARD Product Family Specification: Aquatic Reflectance
    • New CEOS-ARD: ESA Sentinel-2 and DLR EnMAP
    • CEOS-ARD: Powering Digital Earth Africa
  • Issue #2 – June 2022: CEOS-ARD @ LPS22 – highlights of CEOS-ARD presentations at ESA’s Living Planet Symposium, held 23-27 May, 2022, including:
    • 2022 Status and Outlook for Optical CARD4L
    • Radar CARD4L Product Specifications
    • ESA & DLR’s Initiative to Create a Family of Radar ARD Products
    • ISRO’s Prospects and Roadmap for SAR CARD4L
    • An Overview of Copernicus Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectance CEOS-ARD
    • The Design of the EnMAP CEOS-ARD Surface Reflectance Product