CEOS Development Environment

Our Groups

The CEOS Work Plan outlines the near-term objectives and deliverables CEOS will accomplish over the next few years to achieve our strategic goals.

The CEOS Working Groups and Virtual Constellations coordinate the assets of CEOS Agencies to accomplish these objectives and deliverables. CEOS also creates temporary Ad Hoc Teams to undertake particular activities in the event that the Working Groups or Virtual Constellations cannot.

Find out more about how Working Groups, Virtual Constellations, and Ad Hoc Teams fit within the Organization as a whole on our Organization page. Or click the links to the left to find out what each of these individual groups is up to.

Working Groups

CEOS Working Groups address topics such as calibration/validation, data portals, capacity building, disaster management, climate, and common data processing standards shared across a wide range of Earth observation domains.

Virtual Constellations

The CEOS Virtual Constellations coordinate space-based, ground-based, and/or data delivery systems to meet a common set of requirements within a specific domain.

Ad Hoc Teams

CEOS has the ability to create an Ad Hoc Team in the event that permanent mechanisms (Working Groups and Virtual Constellations) are insufficient for CEOS to undertake a particular activity.