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Branding & Communications

CEOS Overview

The CEOS Executive Officer (CEO) has curated and regularly updates a set of slide decks for community use. The slides provide an overview of CEOS, it’s structure and work. Members of the community are welcome to use these slides, and edit them to fit their specific purpose. The current sets are:

To suggest changes & updates, contact the CEO ( 

CEOS Branding Guidelines

The CEOS Branding Guidelines aim to strengthen the visibility of CEOS through the use of consistent branding for documents & communications about the international role & contributions of the organization. Common & consistent usage of the CEOS logo and other branding elements will lead to greater alignment and visibility, both in the CEOS community and with external audiences worldwide. It will reinforce the significance & global relevance of the remote sensing contributions by the CEOS community to coordinated, comprehensive, and sustained civil space-based Earth observations in support of open science & decision support for societal benefit.

From its inception, CEOS was established to integrate remote sensing data and information, largely created by its CEOS Agencies, & to facilitate the development of remote sensing data products and services using this integrated information. While it is understood that ownership of the composite parts resides with the contributing agencies or institutions, the CEOS organization can, with the consent of its members, use its logo and other branding elements for CEOS activities, products, & services that stem from and are advanced with this data & information.

These Branding Guidelines are also designed to visually and thematically reinforce the CEOS Mission: “CEOS ensures international coordination of civil space-based Earth observation programs and promotes exchange of data to optimize societal benefit and inform decision making for securing a prosperous & sustainable future for humankind.”

Access the CEOS Branding Guidelines

The CEOS logo can be downloaded in various formats at Please adhere to the above guidelines when using the CEOS logo.

CEOS Communications Strategy

At the 37th CEOS Plenary in November 2023, CEOS endorsed an updated Communications Strategy. This document provides strategic communication guidance for CEOS, focusing on the period 2024-2025. The strategy outlines the stakeholders, content types and implementation for CEOS communications, as well as three campaigns planned for 2024-2025.

Access the CEOS Communications Strategy

Content Suggestions

The CEOS Communications Team exists to promote the work of CEOS, and always welcome suggestions for content from the community. If you have a piece of work that deserves promoting through the CEOS communication channels, or just suggestions for general CEOS topics that could use highlighting, please get in touch with David Borges (SEO, and/or Libby Rose (SEO Comms Team,

CEOS Communications: Quarterly Revisit

At the end of each quarter, the communications team collects and gathers all communications materials shared through CEOS channels, and sends this out to the dedicated mailing list. Subscribe below to receive next quarter’s updates. Don’t worry – we promise to only send one email per quarter if you subscribe. 

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