CEOS Development Environment

2016 SIT Technical Workshop Accommodation

The 2016 CEOS Strategic Implementation Team (SIT) Technical Workshop

Workshop Location: St. Anne’s College, Oxford, United Kingdom

Hosted by: The European Space Agency (ESA)

Dates at a Glance:

  • Monday 12th September: Ad Hoc Team Side Meetings (Future Data Architectures, Non-Meteorological Applications)
  • Tuesday 13th September: VC/WG Day
  • Wednesday 14th / Thursday 15th September: SIT Technical Workshop


  • A block booking has been secured at St. Anne’s College, Oxford – the location of the Workshop.
  • The booking link will remain open until the meeting commences.
  • September is traditionally a very busy month in Oxford and finding a room during that period can be difficult.
  • A guarantee has been provided against a target number of room-nights in order to secure the block booking, and so those planning to travel are asked to book ASAP in order to avoid any issues.
  • Accommodation should be booked via the St. Anne’s College website using the promotional code CEOS24301 in order to secure a room in the block.
  • Without the promotional code, breakfast is not included.
  • The rate secured is £90 (£75 + £15 VAT), including breakfast.
  • Payment up front is required, but cancellation is possible with the Cancellation Policy outlined below. 


Booking Site Issues with Safari Web Browser

  • Please note some issues with the booking site have been experienced with the Safari web browser – in order to avoid those issues, please use Chrome or Firefox if possible.
  • The St. Anne’s College staff advised that
    • “If you do not have cookies enabled on your Safari. Clearing the cache and then enabling the cookies. If you click on our link here it will explain what to do if you do not have cookies enabled.<
    • If cookies are enabled, then ensure that you clear your browser history, cookies, cache etc. close the browser down and reopen and start over.
    • It is a work computer, they may have strict security measures in place which is not permitting you to enter into our booking form/final payment section, therefore it is kicking you out. They could have something like a cookie blocker in place. If this is the case, then we have no control of such security measures that a person’s company has in place for a reason and would advise using a different computer, or asking your IT Personnel for permission to temporarily disable the block.”
  • If site booking issues persist despite trying another browser or the steps above, please email George ( for further assistance.

St. Anne’s College -Accommodation Amendment and Cancellation Policy:

  • To amend a booking(s):
    • To amend a booking, should it be required to increase the nights of the stay or add additional rooms to the booking, then there is no administration charge. The person will be prompted to just make an additional payment prior to confirming their amendment.
    • However, should it be required to reduce the booking i.e. reduce the number of nights or number of rooms booked, then if the booking is amended prior to two weeks from the arrival date, there is only a £10.00 admin fee charged, within 2 weeks then a cancellation penalty falls into place, and the closer to the arrival date, the higher the cancellation fee.
  • To cancel a booking(s):
    • Cancel prior to 2 weeks from the arrival date, full refund, minus £10.00 administration fee.
    • Cancel within the 2 weeks prior to arrival, the cancellation period will apply.
  • Cancellation refund:
    • More than two weeks – 100% (minus £10/€10/US$15/C$15/A$15/NZ$20 administration charge)
    • Two weeks to one week – 75%   (minus £10/€10/US$15/C$15/A$15/NZ$20 administration charge)
    • One week to one day – 50% (minus £10/€10/US$15/C$15/A$15/NZ$20 administration charge)
    • Day in question (onwards) – No refund
  • The full cancellation policy can be found here.