CEOS Development Environment

Happening Now: The 4th Annual Open Data Cube Conference

Sponsored by: Digital Earth Australia & Digital Earth Africa

Coordinated by: Frontier SI

June 22-25, 2021

Open Data Cube (ODC) developers, scientists, and other users from around the world come together virtually today for the 4th Annual Open Data Cube Conference. This event includes a  series of engaging presentations and panel discussions on the future of satellite Earth observation usability, a three-day “Sprint”  or hackathon-style event for  collaboratively researching and developing solutions to real-world problems, discussions on moving the ODC family of applications forward technically, and even an ODC beginner’s session. Participants are excited to be hacking code, systems, and data to advance ODC technology and explore new approaches.

Conference participation themes are appropriate for participants from expert coders to beginner satellite Earth observation users and include: training in the Sandbox environment, using existing ODC Sandbox and data resources for science, and helping to build infrastructure or code at the core of the project.

During the ODC Sprints, participants will choose a topic of interest (or bring their own topic ideas) and “sprint” toward solutions in these areas in their own timezones with regular check-ins with others around the world. A wide range of Sprint topics are planned, including but not limited to:

  • sandbox improvements (map & code-free tools)
  • classification improvements
  • machine learning library integrations
  • production of a notebook gallery, and
  • documentation improvement.

These Sprints will facilitate an introduction to using the ODC, including how to set up an ODC instance on a global dataset, and enable the community to contribute to ODC development by familiarizing them with the structure and processes for code contributions.

The ODC Conference and Sprints bring together universities, developers, and science user communities interested in satellite Earth observations from all over the world. Learn more: