CEOS Development Environment

Satellite Earth Observations to Serve Science & Society

CEOS (the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites) is made up of 61 Agencies from all around the world committed to coordinating their satellite Earth observation programs and sharing data for a more sustainable and prosperous future. These satellite observations are critical for environmental monitoring, meteorology, disaster response, agriculture and many other applications (take a look at these case studies) that can improve life on Earth and save lives.

CEOS organizations currently operate 177 satellites. These satellites and their related systems operate simultaneously and serve both interdisciplinary and international activities; therefore, international discussion and cooperation are critical to their success.

CEOS exists to ensure the international coordination of satellite Earth observation programs and promotes data exchange to make satellite data available and beneficial to the world. It accomplishes this by:

  • Exchanging technical information
  • Increasing data usefulness and cost effectiveness
  • Presenting plans for emerging technologies and programs
  • Addressing current developments and future opportunities
  • Raising awareness in and having discussions with user communities

Find out more about Our Work, including activities carried out by the CEOS Working Groups, Virtual Constellations, and Ad Hoc Teams.

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