CEOS Development Environment

Free Webinar: Data Cubes for Large Scale Data Analytics

Our Working Group on Information Systems and Services (WGISS) works hard in an effort to flesh out the concept of Data Cubes for enabling analysis of large Earth observation data sets. 

In an effort to share what we’ve learned with you, our WGISS Technology Exploration Subgroup recently added to its webinar series with a free webinar on Data Cubes for Large Scale Data Analytics. Have a listen, as Rob Woodcock of CSIRO (Australia) and Brian Killough of the CEOS Systems Engineering Office share their DataCube expertise.  

Rob set the stage for Data Cubes with user needs, key features, and basic high-level architecture. Then, Brian talked more about the inner workings of the Data Cubes themselves.

The link to the recorded webinar and the presentation files are also available on the WGISS Technology Exploration Subgroup’s Webinars page.