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Earth Observation Training, Education, & Capacity Development Network (EOTEC DevNet): Regional Exchanges in September

Global collaboration on Earth Observation (EO) capacity building took a step forward this past June when 90 people from more than a dozen countries convened for four regional exchanges to launch EOTEC DevNet, the Earth Observation Training, Education, and Capacity Development Network.

During the exchanges, participants contributed to the start-up of regional Communities of Practice and helped develop a new tracking tool on flood-related capacity building opportunities. The floods tracker, an example of the types of resources EOTEC DevNet plans to produce, captures existing EO flood tools, related capacity building and training opportunities, and outstanding gaps and needs. It will eventually be made available as an API on the EOTEC DevNet website.

The June meetings also resulted in the identification of the group’s next focus area, drought, which will be discussed at the next round of regional exchanges, scheduled for September, 2021.

EOTEC DevNet, currently in a two-year pilot phase endorsed by CEOS and supported by the Working Group on Capacity Development and Data Democracy (WGCapD), uses a “network of networks” approach. The aim is to foster knowledge and resource sharing among Earth observation capacity building and training providers and help catalyze greater use of EO data and information in addressing global sustainable development challenges. The approach allows organizations to collaborate around shared needs and foster new relationships that can bring the power of Earth observations to more users.

EOTEC DevNet’s pilot phase is focused on three issues at the heart of the major sustainable development frameworks: disaster risk reduction, climate action, and climate mitigation. To support work in each area, the four regional Communities of Practice – currently covering Africa, the Americas, Asia-Oceania, and Europe – will bring together subject matter experts and capacity development professionals to gather and share data, tools, and capacity development resources and to discuss gaps, needs assessments, and use cases.  EOTEC DevNet is looking for both subject matter experts and capacity building specialists to help lead and advance the work of the Communities of Practice. 

To learn more about upcoming EOTEC DevNet meetings or join the Communities of Practice, please email EOTEC DevNet Secretariat members: