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2015 Satellite Oceanography User Workshop: Videos Available

SSTEarth observation satellites can provide real-time, global, spatially and temporally high-resolution measurements of key ocean variables such as:

  • ocean colour,
  • sea level height, and
  • sea surface temperature,

which are widely used across a range of scientific and operational applications.

Because navigating the wide range of available products and services can be confusing, our Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Virtual Constellation worked jointly with

to put together an opportunity for users to meet with and provide feedback to the data providers: a three-day Satellite Oceanography User Workshop focused on satellite-derived products of key oceanographic variables.

The Workshop Objectives were to:

  • present and discuss the provision of products and services supporting satellite-based ocean products
  • provide a forum for users to present and discuss their experiences and requirements for satellite based ocean products
  • work through practical examples of particular interest to workshop participants

And best of all, this workshop was open to anyone using satellite-based ocean products covering altimetry, ocean colour and sea surface temperature.

Just in case you couldn’t make it, our Working Group on Capacity Building & Data Democracy (WGCapD) worked with workshop organizers to capture workshop presentations & discussion on video. Please feel free to access these resources at your leisure.

Workshop Information

Workshop Agenda, Presentations & Final Report

Workshop Videos

(Authors’ Names Shown Below, Not Presenters’ Names)

Providers of Satellite Ocean Products and Services – Overview

Ocean Colour Products and Services

Ocean Winds and Waves

Applications of Ocean Remote Sensing Products

Satellite Ocean Data – Portals and Tools