CEOS Development Environment

The SDG AHT at the 31st CEOS Plenary

At the CEOS Plenary, CEOS Principals focus on making the key decisions needed to progress and direct priority CEOS initiatives, including those related to achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.our Ad Hoc Team on Sustainable Development Goals (AHT SDG) hosted a pre-Plenary Side Meeting, during which we finalized our SDG AHT Implementation Plan and Plenary presentation. During Plenary, we presented our Implementation Plan for the coming year and asked CEOS Principals to support the work of the AHT SDG by:

  • Designating Agency Points Of Contacts for SDG-related projects/discussions 
  • Encouraging CEOS Agencies to respond positively when we call for inputs on SDG-related activities 
  • Increasing time and effort dedicated to the work of the AHT SDG
  • Ensuring a favorable framework for CEOS Agencies and GEO partners to continue collaborating on SDGs
  • Renewing the AHT SDG for one year with the objective to establish a permanent CEOS Working Group on SDGs in the future

In addition, we intend to strengthen our collaboration with the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) and, in particular, their Earth Observations for SDGs (EO4SDG) initiative, which would include joint pilot projects and co-organized communication and outreach activities, much like our recently published SDG 2 Primer and the organisation of our side-meeting at the 2017 GEO Plenary. 

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