CEOS Development Environment



CEOS OpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for the sharing of search results. The goal of the CEOS OpenSearch project is to establish a common CEOS interoperability best practice of OpenSearch in order to allow for standardized and harmonized access to metadata and data of CEOS agencies, including CWIC and FedEO communities.


The CEOS OpenSearch project is focused on the following concepts:

  • OpenSearch will enable search and access from across CWIC, FedEO, and other CEOS Agency catalogs with the single access standard implemented in CEOS and other Community Portals.
  • Agencies & data centers can easily and independently set up a best-practice-compliant OpenSearch server (or use the CWIC/FedEO Data Partner approach) so that their systems support interoperable data access.
  • This Project is not an attempt to develop a new OpenSearch standard, but to develop a CEOS OpenSearch “best practice” to fulfill its purpose.
  • OpenSearch implementation efforts in Europe, the United States and Japan are diverse. This project provides an opportunity for CWIC and Heterogeneous Mission Accessibility (HMA)/FedEO experts to work together in the development of a common OpenSearch best practice.


The OpenSearch project team has developed the following deliverable(s):

  • CEOS OpenSearch Best Practice Document providing server implementation best practices for EO OpenSearch search services that allow for standardized and harmonized access to metadata and data for CEOS agencies.
  • CEOS OpenSearch Conformance Test Plan, defining test designs and test cases that can be used to assess compliance of an OpenSearch endpoint with the CEOS OpenSearch Best Practice document and its underlying specifications

The project milestones are:

  • May, 2013: WGISS-35, CEOS OpenSearch Kickoff Meeting
  • Aug, 2013: CEOS/EO OpenSearch drafts best practices
  • Sep, 2013: WGISS-36, CEOS/EO OpenSearch best practices Workshop and co-location meeting with the OGC team
  • Apr, 2014: WGISS-37, CEOS OpenSearch Best Practices First Draft
  • Sep, 2014: WGISS-38, CEOS OpenSearch Workshop for Catalog Implementers (FedEO/CWIC)
    1. CEOS OpenSearch implementation for external client access to CWIC, to FedEO and to any OpenSearch data server
    2. CEOS OpenSearch implementation for CEOS Portals
  • May, 2015: WGISS-39, CEOS OpenSearch Best Practice Document v1.0 finalized
  • May, 2016: WGISS-41, CEOS OpenSearch  Best Practice Document v.1.1 Draft 4
  • Oct, 2016: WGISS-42,  CEOS OpenSearch  Best Practice Document v.1.1.1 finalized
  • Jun, 2017: WGISS-43,  CEOS OpenSearch  Best Practice Document v.1.2 finalized

Communication and Coordination

Please feel free to contact the OpenSearch Project points of contact with comments or questions about this effort:

Andrea Della Vecchia (ESA)

Olivier Barois (ESA)