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CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog (CWIC)

The CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog

The CWIC Project provides the world’s satellite Earth observation data providers with a way to make their data collections searchable using common standards. This webpage provides technical resources for potential CWIC data partners and clients. For more general information about CWIC or how to get involved, please contact  Minnie Wong.

Watch this video to learn how information in the International Directory Network (IDN) is used with CWIC to help users identify and access satellite data of interest.

Note: The CWIC Project originated as the WADC Project.

How-To Guides for CWIC Partners


Information about the IDN and how to register data collections are on the WGISS IDN page.


WGISS Connected Data Assets Client Guide
CWIC Data Partner Guide for OpenSearch – How to offer your agency satellite data for search and access through CWIC using OpenSearch.
CEOS OpenSearch Best Practice
CEOS Open Search Developer Guide
NASA Earthdata Open Search OSDD Validator

CWIC Technical Documents

CWIC Exception Handling Guide
CWIC Connector API Report
CWIC/IDN Data Synchronization Plan

Additional Information for Developers and Data Partners

CWIC Developer’s Information Page

CWIC-Enabled Clients

Python OpenSearch Client (download)
Python OpenSearch SDK (download)
Perl WWW-OpenSearch Library (download)
Perl Search::OpenSearch (download)
OpenSearchServer (download)

* Important Note *

CWIC CSW Services are being deprecated and will soon be terminated. Users are strongly urged to migrate to OpenSearch as soon as possible.

Open Source CSW Software

GeoNetwork (download)
Geoserver (download)
ESRI GeoPortal (download)

Contact Us

Feel free to contact this group for more information:

Minnie Wong (National Aeronatics and Space Administration-NASA)