CEOS Development Environment

CEOS LPV Soil Moisture Validation Protocol

This focus area provides the community involved in the production and validation of satellite-based soil moisture products with a forum for documenting accepted good practices in an open and transparent manner that is scientifically defensible. This Global Soil Moisture Product Validation Good Practices Protocol document (V1.0) underwent scientific review by remote sensing experts from across the world.

It is expected that this good practices protocol document and recommendations will undergo subsequent regular iterations based on community feedback and scientific advancement. We welcome all interested experts to participate in improving this document and
invite the broader community to make use of it for their research and applications related to soil moisture products derived from Earth Observation data. All contributors are recognized as such in the document and on the CEOS WGCV LPV website.

The Editors would like to dedicate this document to the memory of Dr. Alexander Löw (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) who was serving as the Soil Moisture Co-Lead at the onset of the development of this draft. His enthusiasm and cooperative spirit served as an example for all of us in the development of this Good Practices Protocol. Alex Löw will be remembered as a great and enthusiastic scientist and wonderful colleague to all who worked with him.

The document is available here.