CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: March 8th - 9th, 2017


The 1st Meeting of the Ad Hoc Team on Sustainable Development Goals (AHT-SDG)

Location: Embassy of Australia, Washington, D.C., United States



  • Discuss and identify main activities and strategic directions
  • Enhance collaboration with GEO on the SDG topic
  • Produce a draft Terms of Reference document for submission to the CEOS Secretariat before endorsement at the CEOS Plenary
  • Develop a Work Plan to be presented for discussion at the 32nd CEOS Strategic Implementation Team (SIT) Meeting in April, 2017
  • Inform external partners in the Washington area (including international organisations and banks) about CEOS work and initiate potential partnerships


20170308_105343Approximately 15 CEOS Agencies/GEO Members gathered on Day 1 for an internal discussion on:

  • the way forward for the AHT-SDG,
  • international SDG issues/upcoming events,
  • stocktaking of related GEO and CEOS Agency activities,
  • definition of the AHT-SDG objectives/deliverables for inclusion in the draft Terms of Reference, and
  • key messages to be delivered on Day 2 of the meeting.

Aproximately 25 people (CEOS, GEO, and other stakeholders) attended or remotely participated in our information/networking session on Day 2 of this meeting.

CEOS and GEO presented their current activities and vision on how to support the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda, and then, 4-5 external partners showcased their engagement in the process.

Discussions followed on how to better collaborate with CEOS/GEO and also how to engage with the private sector and international banks (e.g. World Bank).

The CEOS Datacube project was also presented, capturing the audience’s attention and raising lively questions, discussions, and opportunities.

This successful meeting afforded the AHT-SDG the opportunity to discuss the team’s objectives and strategic directions and meet with key and relevant partners, who also delivered important presentations and engaged in fruitful discussion.

The AHT Co-Leads are now polishing a new draft of the AHT-SDG Terms of Reference for circulation to and feedback from the Team before delivery to the CEOS Secretariat for approval and submission at the April SIT-32 meeting in Paris. 

The next AHT-SDG  in-person meeting will likely be in Paris during the same week (as a side meeting).