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Future Data Architectures Big Data Workshop

Event Dates: April 26th - 26th, 2018


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Aligned with the activities of the Future Data Architectures Ad Hoc Team, several occasions have been organized this year to advance CEOS’ reflections on Future Data Architectures. Building on the outcomes of the FDA Technical Workshop to be held during the WGISS meeting on April 11th, 2018 in Sao Jose dos Campos Brazil, this workshop will focus on identifying the principal challenges facing CEOS Agencies in maximizing the value of their substantial data holdings in the fast evolving “Big Data” sector.  

Objective and Approach of the FDA Workshop

The advent and mainstreaming of Big Data technologies and analytics represents an opportunity for CEOS Agencies to maximize the value from the substantial historical and current data holdings they manage. This workshop will aim to share the experience gained from past and current CEOS Agency initiatives involving commercial ICT providers.  It will examine the way in which these are integrated into the service offerings of CEOS Agencies and, in particular, the way in which they promote user uptake and facilitate the development of value-added services.

This workshop will allow sharing of best practices and lessons learned among CEOS Agencies.



Agenda Topic


Welcome [presentation]


Introductory statement by CEOS Chair [presentation]


Presentation by CEOS Agencies of their past, current or planned future cooperation initiatives and activities with commercial (IT) service providers [1] [COM-DIAS] [ESA-DIAS] [NASA] [EUMETSAT-DIAS] [Australia] [CEOS SEO/ODC] [JAXA] [NOAA]


Focusing on:


1.     Operational objectives of the initiatives


2.     Achievements so far (e.g. new enriched services provided, improvement of performances, new users, etc.)


3.     High-level operational issues and how they are addressed including


a.     Mitigation of lock-in risk


b.     Economic benefit targeted/achieved


c.     Characteristics of contractual agreements used


d.     Risk sharing approach pursued


e.     Business models of commercial partners – additional services


Q & A session


Networking walking lunch


Break-out groups:


Session A – Data quality and integrity, data formats to meet user needs


Session B – Managing the evolving relationship with user communities


Session C – Legal considerations, contracts and licenses


Session D – Defining/Identifying the roles of the public and private sector


Coffee break


Report from the FDA technical workshop conducted by WGISS [presentation]


De-briefing of breakout groups


1.     Top five issues to be addressed


2.     What should CEOS Agencies do together to address these


Conclusions by CEOS chair



Target attendance

Representatives from CEOS Agencies, Working Groups, and Ad Hoc Teams (e.g. FDA, WGCapD, and WGISS)

[1]  In this session, CEOS Agencies are invited to present their objectives, the rationale for engaging with ICT providers, the contractual approach used, and their understanding of the private partner’s commercial objectives.  Presentations are invited from (but not limited to) NOAA, NASA, JAXA, COM – ESA & EUMETSAT + CSIRO/GA; all present their objectives and needs, the way they put the calls out and formalised their relationship, then implementation high level and benefits/drawbacks