CEOS Development Environment

International Methane Standards Workshop

Event Dates: February 26th - 28th, 2024

The UK is hosting a workshop on the development of internationally recognised standards for satellite-derived methane products from the 26-28 February 2024. This is envisaged as the first step in a series of engagement activities, building on the initial framework concepts and the COP28 ‘Monitoring Methane from Space: Towards an Internationally Recognised Standard’ event on the 4th December. The workshop will be the opportunity to bring key stakeholders together to formulate a standards structure, identify practical requirements and impediments and set out the programme roadmap and timelines to keep pace with a rapidly evolving sector.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • Achieving community agreement on the need & structure for standards in the reporting of methane (concentration and flux) products.
  • Understanding how these are implemented for reporting at national, regional, city and corporate scales.
  • Identifying the essential properties, terminology & methodologies and develop the principles of a standards framework.
  • Identifying the stakeholders and their needs for a standards framework from space agency-led products, new space/commercial players and the product user community.
  • Create recommendations for the development of the standards and a timeline for delivery.
  • Create a programme with an oversight committee within existing international fora/working groups to advise and advocate of the proposed standards framework.