CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: September 4th - 6th, 2019


The 11th Meeting of the CEOS/CGMS Working Group on Climate

Location: Anchorage (AK), USA 

Minutes of the meeting


Wednesday, September 4th, 2019 — WGClimate-11 Day 1

1.     Introduction and Context

Welcome and Introduction (J. Schulz) 

  • Round table introduction (All)
  • Acceptance of Agenda (J. Schulz)

Status of Working Group (J. Schulz & A. v. Bargen)  [presentation

  • Status of CEOS Workplan Actions
  • Status of WGClimate Actions
  • Meeting Objectives
10:00-10:30 Status of GHG Task Team and Roadmap (M. Dowell et al) [presentation]
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break   
11:00-11:15 Discussion on GHG Roadmap (All)
11:15-11:30 WGISS Carbon Portal Demo (Liping Di et al) [presentation
2.     Data Record Definitions 
11:30-12:00 Update of FCDR, CDR, ICDR Definition (J. Schulz, J. Privette & C. Merchant) [presentation1presentation2
12:00-12:30 Discussion and eventual endorsement of proposals (J. Schulz & All)

The role of non GCOS ECV for the ECV Inventory (J. Privette) [presentation]

  • Introduction (J. Privette)
  • Discussion (All)
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break  
3.     Activities towards and with Stakeholders & Partners 
14:00-14:15 WMO Catalogue for Climate Data: information and potential link (C. Lief et al) [presentation

Case Studies


Evolution of

  • Proposal for a consolidated vision for the evolution of the website (J. Privette et al.) [presentation
15:30-15:45 Coffee Break  

Evolution of SCOPE-CM (J. Privette & J. Schulz) [presentation]


COP-25 / SBSTA-51 Statement (J. Schulz & D. Crisp) [presentation]

  • Statement for SBSTA-51
  • Earth Information Day


Thursday, September 5th, 2019 — WGClimate-11 Day 2

4.     ECV Inventory,  Gap Analysis & Coordinated Action Plan

Status of ECV Inventory and Gap Analysis (A. Nunes & J. Schulz) [presentation]

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break   
11:00-13:00 Discussion on the way forward for the ECV Inventory and Gap Analysis (All)
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break   
14:00-15:30 Wrap-up and recommendations on evolution of the ECV Inventory and Gap Analysis (J. Schulz, A. Nunes & All)
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break   
16:00-17:00 Discussion on the Coordinated Action Plan (J. Schulz & All)


Friday, September 6th, 2019 — WGClimate-11 Day 3

5.     Joint Session with LSI-VC

Context and CEOS Work Plan Tasks and Deliverables (M. Steventon) [presentation]


CEOS/CGMS WGClimate (J. Schulz) [presentation]

  • Coordinated climate actions on land surface ECVs
  • Potential for LSI-VC support
  • Above-ground Biomass ECV, including the role of the Biomass CCI
09:30-10:10 Discussion: WGClimate collaboration opportunities with LSI-VC (All) [presentation 1] [presentation 2]
10:10-10:30 MIM database API and Web UI update (G. Dyke) [presentation]
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break   
6.     Summary and Actions
11:00-12:00 Review of Minutes and Actions, Concluding Remarks (J. Schulz)
12:00 Adjourn