CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: February 18th - 21st, 2013


The 3rd Meeting of the Working Group on Climate

Hosted by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

Location: Geneva, Switzerland


Item # Description Presenter
1 — Introductions
1 Doc 1 Agenda M.Dowell
1.1 WGClimate recent efforts, priorities A. Simmons
1.2 GCOS update J-L Fellous
1.3 Report on GEO WP and Climate Tasks E. Volden
1.4 Report on SCOPE-CM Phase 2,possible links to WGClimate L. Schüller
2 — Climate Monitoring Architecture and ECV Inventory Summary from Previous Meeting
2.1 Climate Monitoring Architecture and ECV Inventory M.Dowell
2.2 Architecture Review from Day 1& 2WCRP DAC perspective on an ECV Inventory O. Brown
3 — Metrics
3.1 Published NOAA defined Index Maturity Matrix J. Bates
3.2 Perspective on Metrics from the viewpoint of CEOS VCs C. Merchant
3.3 The CCI: an example of an exercise to develop a consensus maturity matrix J. Walker – P. Lecomte
3.4 Perspective on  metrics from the viewpoint of WCRP DAC P. Gleckler, M. Rixen
3.5 Agency highlights – Short 10-minute Presentations
CSA overview S. Mello
ESA CCI status P. Lecomte
EUMETSAT report J. Schulz
JAXA report K. Umezawa
NASA activities R. Eckman
UKSA update A. Shaw
USGS overview J. Dwyer
4 — Links to Modelling Community
4.1 Obs4MiPS  D. Waliser, M. Rixen
4.2 WGClimate activity in support of modelling interactions J. Bates
4.3 ESA CCI CMUG P. Lecomte, R. Saunders
4.4 WCRP DAC & MAC joint activities O. Brown
5  — Analysis to be Undertaken on ECV Inventory
5.1 Overview and needs M. Dowell
5.2 ECV Assessment in the CCI R. Saunders
5.3 Perspectives from the SST C. Donlon, C. Merchant
5.4 Perspectives from the OCR N. Hoepffner
5.5 WCRP perspective on assessments (DAC, GEWEX) J. Schulz
6 — General WGClimate Issues
Summary of Day 1 & 2 M. Dowell
Background Documentation
Inf 1: List of invitees
ECV Inventory
OSCAR (Observing System Capabilities Analysis and Review) tool
Strategy towards an Architecture for Climate Monitoring from Space (Typeset version7, Feb 2013)
GCOS-WCRP letter
GEO Critical Earth Observation Priorities (GEO Task US-09-01a)