CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: March 9th - 11th, 2020


The 13th Meeting of the Working Group on Disasters

Location: Virtual


Meeting Agenda



1-Day CSK Interferogram of Villarrica Volcano showing loss of coherence in the glacier area. Southern Andes Supersite, Chile. GSNL.



Day 0: WGDisasters GEO/LEO/SAR Flood Pilot Meeting


WGDisasters Chair Flood Pilot Perspectives (NASA) [Presentation]

GEO/LEO/SAR Flood Pilot Overview (NASA/NOAA) [Presentation]

ISRO Present and Proposed Flood Activities (ISRO) [Presentation]

CAS Flood Pilot Proposed Activities (CAS) [Presentation]

Day 1: WGDisasters-13 Teleconference


Landslide Pilot (NASA/UNISTRA) [Presentation]

GEO/LEO/SAR Flood Pilot (NASA/NOAA) [Presentation]

Group on Earth Observations DRR Updates (GEO Sec) [Presentation]

Geohazard Supersites and Natural Laboratories (GSNL) [Presentation]

GEO-DARMA (ESA/Athena Global) [Presentation]

GEO Geodesy4Sendai Community Activity (NASA JPL) [Presentation]

Day 2: WGDisasters-13 Teleconference


Seismic Demonstrator (ESA/ARGANS) [No Presentation]

Geohazards Lab (ESA/ARGANS/CNES) [Presentation]

Volcano Demonstrator (USGS/Leeds) [Presentation]

Haiti Recovery Observatory (CNES/Athena Global) [Presentation]

Generic Recovery Observatory (CNES/Athena Global) [Presentation]

ISRO CEOS Chair Agency Report [Presentation]