CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: September 1st - 3rd, 2020


The 14th Meeting of the Working Group on Disasters

Location: Virtual

Time: 1100-1400 UTC each day







Joshua Johnston, Natural Resources Canada


Day 1 (1 September 2020)


Landslide Pilot [Presentation]

Flood Pilot (GEO/LEO/SAR) [Presentation]

Haiti Recovery Observatory [Presentation]

Generic Recovery Observatory Demonstrator [Presentation]

Space Climate Observatory (SCO) – WGDisasters Linkages [Presentation]


Day 2 (2 September 2020)


WGISS Chair Update [Presentation]

WGDisasters Data Coordination Team (DCT) Report [Presentation]

International Charter / WGDisasters Cooperation Update [Presentation]

Seismic Demonstrator [Presentation]

Seismic Demonstrator, Elliott [Presentation]

Geohazards Lab [Presentation]

Volcano Demonstrator [Presentation]

Group on Earth Observations (GEO) DRR WG Update [Presentation]

Geohazard Supersites and Natural Laboratories (GSNL) [Presentation]

Data Access for Risk Management (GEO-DARMA) [Presentation]


Day 3 (3 September 2020)


UN-GGIM Working Group on Geospatial Information & Services for Disasters (WG-Disasters) Overview [Presentation]

Wildfire Pilot Scoping Discussion [Presentation]

CEOS Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Developments [Presentation]

CEOS Landslide Pilot in Chinese Region: Recent Progress [Presentation]

WGDisasters Member Agency Updates / Priorities

ASI Updates [Presentation]

CNES Updates [Presentation]