CEOS Development Environment

SRIX4Veg: Second Workshop

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The Surface Reflectance Intercomparison eXercise for Vegetation (SRIX4Veg) project represents a joint effort between ESA, CSIRO, USGS, DLR, ASI, and Geoscience Australia to test user-based differences in UAV-based surface reflectance fiducial reference measurements used for the validation of surface reflectance satellite products. The project is endorsed by the CEOS Working Group on Calibration and Validation […]

Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich: the new Reference Altimetry Mission

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Following the project scientists’ recommendation during the last Ocean Surface Topography Science team meeting, on 24 March, CEOS Ocean Surface Topography Virtual Constellation (OST-VC) members declared Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich as the new Reference Altimetry Mission for the worldwide altimetry constellation. For more than four decades, scientists have used satellite-based instruments known as radar altimeters to […]