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Event Dates: October 14th - 14th, 2020


The 13th Meeting of the CEOS/CGMS Working Group on Climate will be held remotely on the 14th of October, with a teleconference planned for 13:00-18:00 CEST.

Agenda of the meeting (pdf)


(All times in the agenda below are hh:mm from the start of the meeting. Links to the presentations will be made available prior to the start of the meeting.)

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 — WGClimate-13

1.     WGClimate Status Report, CEOS and CGMS Work Plans, etc. 
00:00-00:15 Welcome and Introduction (J. Schulz) 
Round table introduction (All)
00:15-01:00 Status of WGClimate (J. Schulz)  [presentation
01:00-01:30 Discussion (All)
2.     Use Cases Exercise 
01:30-01:45 Status of Use Cases Exercise (W. Su, W. Balogh, J. Schulz) [presentation]

Discussion (All): 

  • How do we make the Use Cases ready for publication on
  • How do we select Use Cases for publication in 2021?
  • New proposals for Use Cases (including those from other CEOS WGs)
02:30-02:45 Break   
3.     GHG Monitoring 
02:45-03:00 Status of GHG Task Team and GHG Roadmap (M. Dowell, A. v. Bargen) [presentation]
03:00-03:15 Products for the first Global Stocktake (D. Crisp) [presentation]
03:15-03:30 AFOLU Roadmap (O. Ochiai, F.M. Seifert) [presentation]
03:30-04:00 Discussion on activities specific to the WGClimate and GHG Task Team, such as engagement with CGMS, engagement with UNFCCC, user involvement, preparation for CEOS Plenary, etc. (M. Dowell & All) [presentation]
4.     GEO Climate Change Working Group 
04:00-04:15 Engagement of WGClimate in the GEO CCWG (M. Dowell, J. Schulz, S. Venturini) [presentation]
5.     Closure 
04:15-04:30 Hand-over of Chair function (J. Schulz → A. v. Bargen)


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