CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: February 17th - 20th, 2014

The 37th Plenary of the Working Group on Calibration & Validation

Hosted by: The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Centre fro Earth Observation (ESRIN)

Location: Frascati, Italy

WGCV-37 Group Photo

WGCV-37 Group Photo

Meeting Documentation
Minutes of Meeting (pdf, 853 Kb)
Meeting Agenda (pdf, 93 Kb)
List of Participants (pdf, 67 Kb)
Host Welcome & Chair’s Report
ESA Welcome (H. Laur, pdf, 542 Kb)
WGCV Chair’s Report (S. Srivastava, pdf, 400 Kb)
Vice-Chair Candidacy
Vice-Chair Election Process (S. Srivastava, pdf, 230 Kb)

NRSCC Candidate (C.R. Li, pdf, 1.9 Mb)

NASA Candidate (K. Thome, pdf, 1.1 Mb)

Subgroup Reports
ACSG (B. Bojkov, pdf 43 Kb )IVOS (N. Fox, pdf 491 Kb)LPV (G. Shaepman, pdf 494 Kb)LPV – Addendum (M. Roman, pdf 1.8 Mb)MSSG (X. Dong, pdf 501  Kb)SAR (M. Zink, pdf 1.6 Mb)

TMSG (J.P. Muller, pdf 5.9 Mb)

Agency Reports
BELSPO-BIRA-IASB (J.C. Lambert, pdf 3.5 Mb)CNES (P. Henry, pdf 3.3 Mb)CSA (S. Srivastava, pdf 3.1 Mb)CSIRO (T. Malthus, pdf 1 Mb)

DLR (A. von Bargen, pdf 3.5 Mb)

ESA ( B. Bojkov, pdf 497 Kb)

EUMETSAT (T. Hewison, pdf, 1.6 mb)

Geoscience Australia (M.Thankappan, pdf 19 Mb)

ISRO (A.S. Kumar, pdf 3.8 Mb)

NASA (K. Thome,  pdf 1.4 Mb)

NOAA (F. Padula, C. Cao, pdf 4.9 Mb)

NRSCC (C.R. Li, pdf 2.5 Mb)

NSC (V. Lonar Barth, pdf 1.8 Mb)

NSSC (X. Dong, pdf 3.8 Mb)

NPL (N. Fox, pdf 2 Mb)

USGS (G. Stensaas,pdf, 11.5 Mb)

Cross-cutting Themes (Session 1)
Ref. Solar Irradiance Spectrum (N. Fox, pdf 195 Kb)Cloud masking (R. Hollman, DWD, pdf 3 Mb)NORS – Network of Remote Sensing, Ground-Based Observations for the GMES Atmospheric Service (M. De Mazière, pdf, 7 Mb)
Cross-cutting Themes (Session 2)
CORE-CLIMAX (Y. Zeng, U. of Twente, pdf 1.9 Mb)Application of a Maturity Matrix to Satellite Climate Data Records (R. Hollman, DWD, pdf 1.1 Mb)Global DEM (J-P. Muller, UCL, pdf 5.9 Mb)
Cross-cutting Themes (Session 3)
QA4EO Secretariat Report (N. Origo, NPL, pdf 1.6 Mb)QA4EO SIT Showcase (A. von Bargen, DLR, pdf 381 Kb)QA4EO SAR Implementation (M. Zink, DLR, pdf 1.1 Mb)QA4ECV (J-P. Muller, UCL, pdf 5.4 Mb)Sentinel-2 Radiometric Uncertainty Tool (N. Fox, pdf 588 Kb)

SnowPEX (B. Bojkov, ESA)

WGCV-VC Interactions
Atmos. Composition Constellation (ACC) (C. Zehner, ESA, pdf 68 Kb)Land Surface Imaging (LSI) (G. Stensaas, USGS, pdf 158 Kb)Sea Surface Temp. (SST) (G. Corlett, U. Leicester, pdf 145 Kb)
CEOS WGCV-WMO Interaction
Introducing GSICS and interactions with WGCV (T. Hewison-EUMETSAT, and J. Lafeuille-WMO, pdf 1.7 Mb)
CEOS and WGCV Core Business
CEOS Introduction (K. Sawyer, CEOS Exec. Officer, pdf  1 Mb)
CEOS – GEO Interaction
GEO Update and Priorities for 2014 (O.Ochiai,GEO Sec, pdf 989 Kb)Review of CEOS WGCV – GEO Actions
CEOS-Internal Collaboration
CEOS Strategy for Carbon Observations from Space (D.E. Wickland, NASA, pdf 329 Kb)
 WGCV/WGISS Interactions
WGCV/WGISS interactions (R. Moreno, CNES, pdf 1.6 Mb)