CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: March 20th - 21st, 2017


The 3rd Meeting of the CEOS Land Surface Imaging Virtual Constellation (LSI-VC)ESRIN_ESA

Location: Frascati, Italy

Hosted by: The European Space Agency’s Centre for Earth Observation – ESRIN

Agenda (Version 1.0 – 17 March)

Logistics Information (PDF – 7 March)

Download the Minutes (v1.0): PDF (2.9 MB) | Word (5.0 MB)

All Meeting Materials (.zip, 153 MB)

The meeting will include substantial working session time focused on:

  • Confirming the strategy for CEOS FDA Pilot support;
  • Discussing the high-level ‘road map’ for routine delivery of CARD4L by CEOS agencies, including the role of WGCV.
  • Applying the CARD4L Specification Framework – delivering a version 0 specification of CARD4L for surface reflectance that demonstrates the framework;
  • The 2017 CEOS Chair priority on a Moderate Resolution Sensor Interoperability Framework;
  • The SAR Analysis-Ready Data definition;
  • Outlining a high-level, generic, ‘CEOS Approach to LSI Requirements and Capabilities Analysis’;
  • Advancing support to the CEOS Strategy for Carbon Observations from Space; and,
  • Planning the expanded LSI meeting that is expected to take place in September 2017 (including describing the possible end-state for an integrated LSI-VC).

Agenda and logistics information will be added to the meeting website and communicated via email as it becomes available.


Presentation Files

# Title # Title
1 Welcome, Introduction, Objectives 17 Atmospheric Correction Inter-comparison eXercise
2 Roundtable Introductions 18 Interoperability Testing of Landsat and Sentinel-1
3 Review of LSI-VC-2 Actions 19 Working Session #3 – Moderate Resolution Sensor Interoperability Framework
4 Review: Status of CEOS Landscape, Plenary Outcomes, and LSI-VC’s Role & Work 20 Day 1 Wrap-up
5 Working Session #1 – LSI-VC Implementation Plan 21 Recap of Day 1
6 Agency Report: ESA 22 CARD4L Status + GA/UQ Update
7 Agency Report: CSA 23 Working Session #4 – CARD4L, Specification and Assessment Frameworks + SEO ARD Update
8 Agency Report: JAXA 24 Working Session #5 – Applying CARD4L Assessment Framework
9 Rationalising CEOS LSI Activities 25 Brainstorming session: Commercial Data Supply in Future Activities
10 Agency Report: USGS 26 Review of CEOS Carbon Strategy, LSI-VC Responsibilities
11 Agency Report: ISRO 27 Discussion: LSI-VC Strategy for Carbon
12 FDA Pilot Requirements 28 Unified Approach to Requirement Analysis and Data Acquisition + GEOGLAM
13 Working Session #2 – Strategy for FDA Pilot Support 29 Requirement Analysis: Carbon ‘Test Case’
14 Sentinel-3: Status and Planning, Products, Potential ARD, etc. 30 Requirement Analysis: Next Steps, Milestones, Timeline
15 MRI Introduction 31 Joint LSI-VC–GEOGLAM–SDCG for GFOI Meeting
16 Multi-Source Land Imaging (MuSLI) and HLS 32 Wrap-up