CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: April 21st - 24th, 2020

The 49th Meeting of the Working Group on Information Systems & Services

Location: Virtual/Remote

Dates: April 21-23, 2020, between 11:00 and 15:00 Universal Time

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Meeting Notes

Additional documents:

CEOS Earth Analytics Interoperability Lab Proposal – WGISS and SEO


Tuesday, April 21, 2020 


11:00 Welcome and Introductions, Adoption of Agenda Robert Woodcock (CSIRO)
11:05 CEOS Executive Officer (CEO) Report Kerry Sawyer (NASA)
11:20 Systems Engineering Office (SEO) Report Brian Killough (NASA)

CEOS Working Groups Reports and Progress on Cooperation with WGISS

 11:30 WGCapD  Nancy Searby (NASA)
 11:30 WGDisasters David Borges (NASA)
11:40 WGISS Plenary Discussion, Summary of Actions, Chair Report Highlights Robert Woodcock (CSIRO)

Data INTEROPERABILITY and USE (Part 1 of 2)


FDA – Cloud based EO Analytics Architectures and Deployment/ Operations

11:50 USGS Landsat processing Cloud architecture Kristi Kline (USGS)
12:05 Open Data Cube on Kubernetes Robert Woodcock (CSIRO) 
12:20 ESA Pixel Based Access and Data cube initiatives Philippe Mougnaud (ESA), Andrea Della Vecchia (ESA)
12:35 Status of the Brazil Data Cube Project Lubia Vinhas (INPE)

12:50 Break 

13:10 Data Interoperability and use Discussion Robert Woodcock (CSIRO)


13:25 General Reports: IDN, CWIC, ESA Data Access, FedEO  
13:45 STAC Overview Chris Holmes
14:00 Landsat and STAC     Matt Hanson, Kristi Kline (USGS)
14:15 ESA FedEO STAC     Yves Coene (ESA)
14:30 Data Discovery and Access Discussion, Summary of Actions     Damiano Guerrucci (ESA)

Wednesday, April 22, 2020


 Data INTEROPERABILITY and USE (Part 2 of 2)             

 User Experience and Portals for EO Analytics and Use                       

11:00 Ghanaian Crop Modelling Jupyter Notebook and Data Cube  Jose Gomez-Dans (NCEO/UCL)
11:15 JASMIN Jupyter Notebook Service Challenges and Opportunities Phil Kershaw, Mat Pryor (NCEO/CEDA)
11:35 Jupyter for CAPD – UK Overseas Development Aid, Agritech, etc. Esther Conway (UKSA), Heiko Balzer (NCEO)
11:45 Discussion and Next Actions on Jupyter in EO  Esther Conway (UKSA)
12:00 Carbon Portal Update – Links to the Open Data Cube                          Liping Di (NASA/NOAA)
12:15 CEOS COAST – Users Needs and Experience                                            Paul DiGiacomo (NOAA)

 Data Cube interoperability

12:30 openEO  Matthias Schramm (Vienna Univ. of Technology)
12:40 Data Interoperability and Use Discussion, Summary of Actions  Robert Woodcock (CSIRO)



13:15 WGCV-WGISS Joint Activities Cindy Ong (CSIRO)


13:30 Cloud Native Data Formats Overview Chris Lynnes (NASA)
13:45 Pangeo Ecosystem; xarray and zarr  Ryan Abernathey
  Update on CEOS ARD Production, Strategy and Approaches
14:00 USGS Tom Sohre (USGS)
14:15 NOAA: CoastWatch and OceanWatch ARD Preparation and Product Interoperability Veronica Lance (NOAA)
14:30 LSI-VC update on CARD4L and ARD Strategy Steven Labahn (USGS)
14:45 ARD and Datacube for BIMSTEC  D. Dhar (ISRO)

Thursday, April 23, 2020



11:00 Data Stewardship and Management Maturity Matrix Iolanda Maggio (ESA)
11:15 NOAA CoMET Tool and the Maturity Matrix Self-Assessment Tool Nancy Ritchey (NOAA)

Persistent Identifier Implementation at CEOS agencies


  CEOS PID Best Practice Iolanda Maggio (ESA)
  ESA Mirko Albani (ESA)
  NASA Dawn Lowe (NASA)
  NOAA Nancy Ritchey (NOAA)
  JAXA Makoto Natsuisaka (JAXA)
  CNES Richard Moreno (CNES)
  ISRO Nitant Dube (ISRO)
12:30 Technical Content and Information Preservation Iolanda Maggio (ESA)
12:40 Discussion and Actions Review Mirko Albani (ESA)




WGISS PLENARY, continued

13:10 Future Meetings Makoto Natsuisaka (JAXA)
13:15 Discussion Robert Woodcock (CSIRO)
13:45 WGISS Summary Robert Woodcock (CSIRO)
14:10 Review of WGISS-48 Actions Michelle Piepgrass (CSIRO)
14:30 WGISS-49 Actions Michelle Piepgrass (CSIRO)
14:50 Concluding Remarks Robert Woodcock (CSIRO)