CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: March 7th - 9th, 2016


The 6th Meeting of the CEOS/CGMS Working Group on Climate (WGClimate-6)

Location: Paris, France

Hosted by: The National Centre for Space Studies (CNES)

Documents For Discussion:


Every Day:
10:00-10:30 Coffee
12:00-13:30 Lunch in restaurant around CNES
15:30-16:00 Coffee
19:00 No-host group dinner on Tuesday evening

Monday, March 7th, 2016 — Day 1: Introduction & International Context

1  Introductions & Context  
  0900-0915 Welcome  P. Ultré-Guérard
  0915-0930 Round table introductions (All) All
  0930-0945 Acceptance of Agenda [Presentation] P. Lecomte
  0945-1000 Review of WGClimate Activities and Work Plan [Presentation] P. Lecomte
  1000-1030 Coffee Break  
2 Report & Discussion on COP21/SBSTA43 Results  
  1100-1120 Report on SBSTA43 [Presentation] J. Bates
  1120-1140 Presentation on COP21 [Presentation] P. Lecomte
  1140-1200 Discussion  
  1200-1330 Lunch in Restaurants Around CNES  
3  International Coordination  
  1330-1350 WMO [Presentation] W. Zhang
  1350-1410 GEO [Presentation] A. Obregon
  1410-1430 WCRP [Presentation] M. Rixen
  1430-1450 WCRP DAC [Presentation] J. Schulz
  1450-1510 GCOS [Presentation] C. Richter
  1510-1530 Future Earth [Presentation] M. Hernandez
  1530-1600 Coffee  
4  Agency Reports (10 min Maximum per Agency; Limited to Climate-related Activities)  
  1600-1620 Copernicus Climate Change Service [Presentation] J.N. Thépaut
  1620-1630 ESA – Climate Change Initiative Programme [Presentation] P. Lecomte
  1630-1640 EUMETSAT [Presentation] J. Schulz
  1640-1650 NASA [Presentation] W. Su
  1650-1700 NOAA [Presentation] J. Bates
  1700-1710 CNES [Presentation] C. Deniel
  1710-1720 KMA [Presentation] J. Shin
  1720-1730 ISRO [Presentation] R. Kumar
  1730-1740 JAXA [Presentation] M. Kachi

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 — Day 2: Implementation of the Climate Architecture

5 Status of the ECV Inventory –  Status of the Database  
  0900-0910 Introduction to the Implementation of the Architecture            P. Lecomte
  0910-0930 Status of ECV Inventory after Cycle #1, Planned Update for Cycle #2, & Review of the Questionnaire & Endorsement [Presentation] J. Schulz
  0930-1000 ECV Inventory Implementation [Presentation] P. Albert
  1000-1030 Coffee Break  
  1030-1045 Cycle #2 Update Process of the ECV Inventory [Presentation] A. Nunes / P. Albert
  1045-1115 Schedule for Cycle #2   
  1115-1130 Perspectives for Cycle #3 [Presentation]  
  1130-1200 Discussion  
  1200-1330 Lunch  
6 Gap Analysis [Presentation]  
  1330-1415 Review of the Gap Analysis Guidelines and Endorsement R. Husband
   1345-1445 Gap Analysis in Action R. Husband 
   1445-1500 Schedule for Cycle #2 J. Dwyer 
  1500-1530  Gap Analysis Implementation Roles J. Dwyer 
  1530-1600 Coffee  
7 Supporting CEOS Strategy for Carbon Observations [Presentation]  
  1600-1620 Report from the Carbon from Space Workshop M. Dowell
  1620-1640 Review of the CEOS Strategy for Carbon Observations M. Dowell
  1640-1700 Reporting to CEOS SIT Workshop M. Dowell
  1900 No-Host Group Dinner  

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016 — Day 3: Carbon Actions Coordination & Governance

8 Case Studies   
  0900-0920 Summary and Key Results [Presentation] S. Bojinksi

Discussion on Possible Follow-on

  1. Sector-specific analyses of  services, e.g. on carbon, energy…
  2. Building effective user interfaces
  3. Building user capacities
  4. Agency support to climate services beyond ECVs
S. Bojinksi
  1000-1030 Coffee Break  
9 Coordination with Other Bodies  
  1030-1040 WGCV [Presentation] A. von Bargen
  1040-1050 Scope-CM [Presentation] J. Bates
  1050-1100 IROWG Report [Presentation] U. Foelsche

Preparation of the CEOS/CGMS response to GCOS IP [Presentation]

GCOS Needs for Satellite Observations & Data [Presentation]

P. Lecomte
10 Governance, Summary & Actions  

WGClimate Web Site [Presentation]                                                                   

  1. Need for WGClimate Site  
  2. Strategy for Meeting Need for WGClimate Site 
  3. Discussion


E. Pechorro

R. Husband

E. Pechorro

E. Pechorro


WGClimate Governance [Presentation]

  1. Vice-Chair Elections
  2. WGClimate-7
  3. WGClimate-8
P. Lecomte
  1220-1240 Review of the Actions  
  1240-1300 Concluding Remarks  
  1300 Meeting End