CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: September 5th - 7th, 2016


The 41st Plenary of the Working Group on Calibration & Validation 

Hosted by: The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Location: Tokyo Denki University, Senchu Campus, Tokyo, Japan

WGCV-41 Group Photo [Click to Enlarge]


WGCV-41 was held in combination with the WGCV Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Subgroup Workshop from September 7th – 9th, 2016. 

Meeting Materials

Item Description
1 General Business

1.1 Introduction/Welcome CEOS WGCV Plenary 41 (Chair / Host representative)     

1.2 Meeting Overview and Goals (Chair)

1.3 Approval of the Agenda (CEOS WGCV Chair and Secretariat)

1.4 Chair’s Report (Albrecht von Bargen, DLR) [Presentation]

1.5 Vice-Chair Nomination: Procedure / Voting Rights (Chair / Secretariat) [Presentation]

1.6 Action Item Status / CEOS Work Plan Status (Secretariat / All) [Presentation]

2 Subgroup Reports

2.1 ACSG Subgroup Report (J.-C. Lambert) [Presentation]

2.2 IVOS Report (Nigel Fox) [Presentation]

2.3 MW Report (Xiaolong Dong) [Presentation]

2.4 LPV Report (Miguel Román) [Presentation]

2.5 ACIX Report (Eric Vermote & Philippe Goryl) [Presentation]

3 Agency Reports I

3.1 JAXA (Akihiko Kuze) [Presentation]

3.2 JMA Guest Report: Calibration Performance of Advanced Himawari Imager (AHI) from One-Year Operational Data (Arata Okuyama) [Presentation]

3.3 AIST Guest Presentation: TERRA/ASTER Cal/Val Activities (Koki Iwao) [Presentation]

3.4 BelSpo (Jean-Christopher Lambert) [Presentation]

4 Agency Reports II

4.1 NRSCC (Chuanrong Li) [Presentation]

4.2 NSSC (Xiaolong Dong) [Presentation]

4.3 CAST (Hongyan He)

4.4 NSC (Vigdis Lonar Barth) [Presentation]

4.5 USGS (Greg Stensaas)  [Presentation]

4.6 ABoM (Ian Grant) [Presentation]

4.7 CSIRO (Tim Malthus) [Presentation]

4.8 Geoscience Australia (Medhavy Thankappan) [Presentation]

4.9 NASA (Kurtis Thome) [Presentation]

4.10 Update of Terra/Aqua MODIS and S-NPP VIIRS On-orbit Calibration (Xiaoxiong Xiong) [Presentation]

4.11 DLR (Albrecht von Bargen) [Presentation]

4.12 NOAA (Francis Padula) [Presentation]

4.13 Special NOAA Talk on Field Measurements for GOES-R Post-Launch Validation (Francis Padula) [Presentation]

4.14 UKSA (Nigel Fox) [Presentation]

4.15 CNES (Patrice Henry) [Presentation]

4.16 ESA (Philippe Goryl) [Presentation]

4.17 ISRO (Arundhati Misra) 

4.18 KMA Guest Presentation (Dohyeong Kim) [Presentation]

4.19 KARI (Dochul Yang) [Presentation]


5.1 Introduction (Chair)

5.2 Introduction to GSICS and its work (Chair GSICS-GDRWG, D. Kim) [Presentation]

5.3 Discussion (All)

6 Carbon Action Items 

6.1 Status of Carbon Action Items (Chair) [Presentation]

6.2 CEOS WGCV Carbon Action Item Paper (Chair)    

6.3 Discussion & Summary for Report to SIT-WS (All)

7 Combined CEOS WGCV Plenary and CEOS SAR Workshop

Welcome WGCV Chair

Workshop Chair

Host Welcome

CEOS WGCV SAR Sub-Group Chair [Presentation]

8 Calibration of Running SAR Missions I

8.1 Current Status of the ALOS-2 Operation and PALSAR-2 Calibration Activities (T. Motohka et al.) [Presentation]

8.2 Quality of the TanDEM-X DEM (Manfred Zink et al.) [Presentation]

8.3 RADARSAT Image Quality and Calibration Update (D. Williams et al.) [Presentation]  

8.4 Sentinel-1 SAR Constellation: SAR Interferometric Performance Verification (D. Gendtner et al.) [Presentation]

9 CEOS WGCV Plenary (CEOS SAR Workshop in parallel)

9.1 CEOS Chair’s Study / Introduction (Chair)

9.2 Status NMA Study and Discussion (Ian Grant / All) [Presentation]

9.3 Status of FDA Study and Discussion (Greg Stensaas / All) [Presentation]

9.4 Plans of Incoming CEOS Chair, USGS: CEOS Satellite Requirements and Interoperability (G. Stensaas, USGS)

10 CEOS-WGCV Internal Business

10.1 Update of Revised Work Plan Genesis (Secretariat / Chair) [Presentation]

10.2 Website Concept Update & Discussion (Secretariat) [Presentation]

10.3 Vice-Chair Nomination, Candidate Presentations, & Voting

10.4 Future Meetings (Incoming Chair)

10.5 Summary of Action Items (Secretariat / All)

10.6 Chair Hand-Over and Adjourn (Chair / Incoming Chair)