30th CEOS Plenary

Event Dates: October 31st - November 2nd, 2016


Hosted By: CSIRO

Location: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia

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Monday, October 31st, 2016 – Side Meeting Day


Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 – Plenary Day 1

Plaza Terrace Room
  08:00 — Registration

  Session 1: Core Business

1.1 08:40

CEOS Chair Introduction

− Welcome and Opening Remarks

− Ministerial Opening Address Plenary Themes

CEOS Chair
1.2 09:00

Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) Application for CEOS Membership [Presentation]

Endorsement: KMA CEOS Membership

1.3 09:15 Status of Actions from the 29th CEOS Plenary [presentation] CEO Team
1.4 09:30 Presentation of the CEOS 3-Year Work Plan Annual Update [presentation] CEO Team
  09:40 — Break & Photo
  Session 2: Thematic Acquisition Strategies
 2.1  10:15  Revisit of Thematic Acquisition Strategy Status and Issues Presented at SIT-31 [Presentation]  SIT Chair Team
 2.2  10:25

 Related GEO Efforts [presentation]

− GD-08 Status and Process

− SBA Leadership Status Strategy for Water SBA

2.3   10:35

 CEOS Water Strategy [presentation]

− WSIST FS Report (C.1) (C. Ishida, 10 min)

− HS WQ Report (C.10) (A. Dekker, 10 min)

− GEOGLOWS (B. Doorn, 5 min)

Discussion: Next Steps and Priorities (15 min)

Endorsement: Water Constellation Feasibility Study Report

C. Ishida, A. Dekker, B. Doorn 
2.4  11:15  GEO Blue Planet Update  A. Stevens
2.5  11:25

 CEOS-GEOGLAM Ad Hoc WG Report [Presentation]

Endorsement: Continuation of the CEOS-GEOGLAM Ad Hoc WG

 B. Doorn
2.6  11:35  CEOS Response to the Sendai Framework [Presentation]  S. Chalifoux
2.7  11:45

 Thematic Acquisition Strategy Discussion

– Response to Issues Presented in 2.1


  12:00 — Lunch

  Session 3: Key stakeholder initiatives
 3.1  13:00  GEO SEC Report  B. Ryan (remote)
 3.2  13:10

CEOS-GEO Matters and CEOS Representation at GEO-XIII Plenary [Presentation]

− Future Strategy for the CEOS GEO PB Representative

− CEOS Statements/Interventions at GEO-XIII Plenary

Discussion: Suggestions/Comments for the CEOS Delegation to GEO-XIII

CEO Team 
 3.3  13:30

 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

− Update on the CEOS Response and Strategy

− GEO Work Programme Review

Decision: Way Forward for CEOS Support to the UN SDGs

Endorsement: CEOS SDG Ad Hoc Team

Deputy CEO 
 3.4  13:45

Revisit of Strategic Discussions on Future Partnerships and Priorities (Development Banks, UN System, Data Giants) [Presentation]

– Recap of Relationship Audit Planned for Presentation at SIT-32

 SIT Chair Team
  Session 4: Climate    
4.1   14:00

 Implications of the Paris Agreement

– “What is CEOS Doing to Help Countries Fulfill their Obligations?”

− Paris Agreement Assessment and Outlook, Way Forward for CEOS (incl. COP22) (10 min)

Discussion: Role of Space Agencies (Data Supply Only or Broader Scope?) (10 min)

Endorsement: CEOS Statement to SBSTA 45

P. Lecomte 
4.2   14:20

 CEOS Carbon Strategy Implementation

− Status and Outlook

− Way Forward for CEOS on the Coordination of Carbon Observations

− Presentation of the 5–7 VC/WG Initiatives

− Efforts Toward Harmonisation of Carbon Observations and Missions (incl. Proposed GHG VC)

Discussion: Plenary to Comment on Individual VC/WG Initiatives

Endorsement: Overall CEOS Carbon Strategy Implementation Approach

Decision: Approach for CEOS-CGMS CO2 Coordination

M. Dowell 
  15:10 — Break
4.3 15:25

Marrakech Declaration to be Proposed by CNES and CRTS at COP 22

Discussion: CEOS Agency Response to the Declaration

P. Ultre-Guerard
4.4 15:35

GCOS Status and Plans


– New ECVs

– GCOS 2016 Implementation Plan

C. Richter
4.5 15:50

WGClimate Report

− CEOS Input to GCOS and Response to the New GCOS IP [Presentation]

– ECV Inventory Update

P. Lecomte
4.6 16:05

GEO Carbon Initiative [Presentation]

– Prospects for CEOS Engagement

4.7 16:15

Update on the Space Data Coordination Group for GFOI [Presentation]

− SDCG Secretariat & GFOI Office Continuity

− GNU Linkage

Endorsement: continuation of the SDCG for GFOI

M. Shimada (remote)/ SDCG Secretariat
  16:30 — Adjourn


Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 – Plenary Day 2

Plaza Terrace Room
  Session 5: Future Data Architectures and Analytics 
5.1 09:00

Future Data Architectures Introduction

− Motivation

− Examples

– Opportunities

A. Held
5.2 09:05 Future Data Access and Analysis Architectures (FDA) Ad Hoc Team Report Overview AHT Leads
5.3 09:20 CEOS Systems Engineering Office Data Cube Three-Year Work Plan and Pilot Activity Status Update B. Killough
5.4 09:35 LSI-VC Analysis-Ready Data Definition Document A. Lewis
5.5 09:50

Plenary Discussion on CEOS FDA Strategy Discussion Topics:

− FDA AHT Report Recommendations and CEOS Course of Action

− CEOS Response to the LSI-VC Analysis-Ready Data Definition

− Follow-up Activities (CEOS ARD-Data Cube Pilot, FDA AHT Extension)

− Institutional Arrangements

− Mechanisms for Version Control to Ensure that All CEOS Data Cube Efforts are Consistent and Interoperable

Endorsement: LSI-VC ARD Definition

Decision: Adoption of FDA Report Recommendations

Decision: Actions to Progress CEOS FDA

  10:45 — Break
  Session 6: Broader Applications for Next Generation Geostationary Satellites
 6.1  11:00

Non-meteorological Applications for Next Generation Geostationary Satellites (NMA) Ad Hoc Team Report

− Report & Recommendations (15 min)

− Plenary Discussion on CEOS Course of Action (45 min)

– Follow-up Activities

– Institutional Arrangements

Decision: Adoption of Report Recommendations

Discussion: CEOS Course of Action on the Recommendations

 AHT Leads
  12:00 — Lunch
  Session 7: VCs and WGs
7.1 13:00 WGISS Report A. Mitchell
7.2 13:15

WGCV Report [Presentation]

Endorsement: New Working Group Vice-Chair

Endorsement: New Terms of Reference

A. Von Bargen
7.3 13:30

WGCapD Report [Presentation]

J. Olwoch
7.4 13:45

WGDisasters [Presentation]

− Progress Report on Observations for Disasters

Endorsement: Landslide pilots EO Implementation Plan, Including Strategic Data Acquisition Plan

Endorsement: GSNL Vesuvius/Campi Flegrei Supersite Biennial Report

Endorsement: GSNL Etna Supersite Biennial Report

Endorsement: GSNL Marmara Supersite Biennial Report

Endorsement: GSNL Greek Supersite

S. Chalifoux
7.5 14:00

VC Report and Issues for Consideration [Presentation]

– Recommendations from the SST-VC Gap Analysis on Passive Microwave Radiometers

SIT Chair Team/J-L Fellous
  14:30 — Break
  Session 8: Other CEOS business
 8.1  14:45

MIM Database and CEOS Information Systems [Presentation]

– 2016 User Survey Results

 I. Petiteville
 8.2  14:55  CEOS Systems Engineering Office Report  B. Killough
  Session 9: Agency updates
9.1 15:05

Key Updates on Existing Space Assets or Upcoming Launches

− Copernicus Programme (M. Facchini) [Presentation]


− NOAA [Presentation]

− NASA (M. Freilich)

− ISRO (T. Misra)

(5 minutes each)

9.2 15:30 European Space Policy (with Regard to its Impact on EO, Copernicus, etc.) P. Brunet
  Session 10: Closing Business
10.1 15:40 Presentation of the CEOS Chair’s Annual Report  CEOS Chair
10.2 15:55 Confirmation of the CEOS Ad Hoc Teams Continuation and WG Leadership Changes CEOS Chair
10.3 16:00 Announcement of the 2018 CEOS Chair Endorsement: 2018 CEOS Chair CEOS Chair
10.4 16:10 Plenary Decision and Action Wrap-up CEOS Chair
10.5 16:30 CEOS Chair Handover 2016 & 2017 CEOS Chairs
10.6 16:40 CEOS Chair Priorities for 2017 [Presentation] F. Kelly
10.7 16:55 Closing Remarks CSIRO
  17:10 — Adjourn
  Closed SEC/Troika Meetings
17:25 218th CEOS Secretariat Meeting Chaired by USGS

Troika Meeting #2 (CSIRO, USGS)

– 2017 Collaborations

Chaired by USGS
  18:00 — Adjourn


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Social Events

The following events will be hosted by CSIRO. Details will be provided as soon as possible.

  • Icebreaker Monday, October 31st, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC)
  • Reception dinner Tuesday, November 1st, Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

You are also invited to join STEMx, to be held on Thursday 3rd November at the same venue as the Plenary. This free event, organised by the Queensland Surveying and Spatial Association, with support from the Queensland Government, CSIRO, CEOS, Geoscience Australia and others, is aimed at promoting collaboration, innovation, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and the spatial industry. A number of eminent colleagues from the CEOS community will be presenting through an interactive Q&A panel discussion, which is scheduled for early in the day’s programme. Please visit www.stemx.events to register and find out more.

NEW! A networking dinner will be held as part of STEMx, on the evening of Thursday 3rd November, at Alchemy Restaurant on the Brisbane River. CEOS Plenary attendees are welcome to attend at $250 per ticket. Please contact Darrenn Medhurst for further details.