CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: April 18th - 20th, 2016


Location: ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

SIT-31 Participants

SIT-31 Participants

Important Dates

  • Monday 4th April: Documents for Endorsement Due
  • Monday 11th April: Presentation Materials Due (PPT Template)
  • Monday 18th April: Side Meetings
  • Tuesday 19th-Wednesday 20th April: SIT-31

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Logistics and Agenda Documents


Documents for Review

Monday, April 18th, 2016 – Side Meetings





ESRIN Facilities Tour

09:00 – 10:00

RSVP SIT Chair Team


Future Data Architectures

09:00 – 12:30

T Cecere (USGS) and R Woodcock (CSIRO)



10:00 – 12:00

A Held (CSIRO)


GEO Global Agriculture Monitoring

13:00 – 17:00

B Doorn (NASA)


Non-Meteorological Applications for Next Generation Geostationary Satellites

13:30 – 17:00

C Bruce (CSIRO)

Room D

Water Constellation Feasibility Study

14:00 – 16:00

C Ishida (JAXA)



17:00 – 18:00

A Held (CSIRO)



Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 – Day 1

Security Information: All participants are asked to ensure they have their passport in order to gain access to ESRIN. Security is now a little tighter than in the past and time should be allowed for this. 

  Coffee & Registration 08:30-09:00 (30 min)
#  Item / Presenter Time (Duration)
Session 1: Introduction  

Welcome (V Liebig, ESA Director EO Programmes)

  • Logistics (S Briggs) [presentation]
  • Tour de Table (S Briggs)
09:00-09:10 (10 min)

SIT Chair Term Themes and SIT-31 Objectives (S Briggs) [presentation]

  • SIT Chair Objectives
  • Agenda Overview
09:10-09:30 (20 min) 
Session 2: CEOS Plenary Session  
3 CEOS SIT Vice-Chair Nominations and Call for Endorsement (CEOS Chair)  09:30-09:45 (15 min)

Session 3: Strategic Directions and Partnerships – Introduction

Key Questions:

Do CEOS Agencies agree on the trends identified in CEOS activities and relationships?

Should we emphasise particular partnerships and/or explore new ones?

Are their strategic directions CEOS should chart to serve members in the coming 10 years?  


Strategic Partnerships Session – Introduction (SIT Chair) [presentation]

  • Changing Context and Nature of CEOS Work and Evolution of Role and Partnerships
  • 2015 Status (GEO, UN System, Others)
  • 2015 – 2025: Directions and Partnership
  • Partnership with International Finance Institutions
09:45-10:15 (30 min)
Session 4: GEO and GEO Initiatives
Updates on GEO Status and future, and specifically on flagships GFOI and GEOGLAM. Strategic assessment of outlook and impact for CEOS and Agencies. Highlight opportunities and challenges. Identify actions specific to each to direct and progress. Consider new priorities and resources in areas of common importance (internal timings approximate).

GEO Framework Update and Outlook (B Ryan) (45 min) [presentation]

GFOI Status and Issues (CEOS Lead/SDCG EXEC) (15 min) [presentation]

GEOGLAM Status and Issues (S Cherchali, B Doorn) (15 min) [presentation]

Blue Planet Update (P DiGiacomo) (5 min) [presentation]

Other CEOS actions in GEO WP (CEO/DCEO) (10 min) [presentation]

(Discussion & Actions in Each Item) 

10:15-11:45 (90 min)
  Break (Group Photo) 11:45-12:00 (15 min)
Session 5: UN Framework Initiatives

Updates on UN-WCDRR and UN-SDG Processes

Outlook and Impact for CEOS and Agencies

Agreement on Objectives and Next Steps


UN Framework Initiatives Session


UN-SDG [presentation]

  • Process Update (M-J Bourassa)
  • CEOS Way Forward (A Held)
12:00-13:15 (75 min)
  Lunch (ESRIN Cafeteria) 13:15-14:15 (60 min)
Session 6: Coordination of Climate Observations

Impact Assessment and Opportunities Arising from COP21.

Evolution of the Key Relationships: CEOS-GCOS-UNFCCC

Next Phase of CEOS-GCOS Documentation, GCOS IP16 Satellite Supplement

Scope for Carbon Supplement

ECV Inventory and Climate Architecture Directions & Schedule


Coordination of Climate Observations

2016 Implementation Plan, Satellite Supplement, and CEOS-CGMS Responses (WGClimate/GCOS)

14:15-15:30 (75 min)

ECV Inventory and Climate Architecture (WGClimate) [presentation]

15:30-16:15 (45 min)
  Break 16:15-16:30 (15 min)

Session 7: Data Architectures and Enhanced Exploitation

What are Agencies’ views on whole dataset holdings of commercial operators? How can Agencies benefit from this development? What are the opportunities offered through cloud architectures? What other new data exploitation approaches are on offer?


Data Archives, Access and Exploitation (SIT Chair, SEO, GA/CSIRO) [presentation]

  • Cloud Storage – Current Status and Future Opportunities
  • Google Earth and Other Complete Archive Holdings – Opportunities
  • New Data Holding Exploitation Models – Analysis Ready Data/Data Cubes Example


16:30-17:30 (60 min)
10 SIT-31 Day 1 Closing Remarks (S Briggs) [presentation] 17:30-17:45 (15 min)
   Adjourn 17:45

Social event: Wine tasting followed by a hosted dinner at Casale Marchese (Frascati). Transportation bus from ESRIN to Casale Marchese and after dinner, from Casale Marchese to Frascati downtown. 

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 – Day 2

Security Information: All participants are asked to ensure they have their passport in order to gain access to ESRIN. Security is now a little tighter than in the past and time should be allowed for this. 

  Coffee and Registration 08:30-09:00 (30 min)
# Item / Presenter Time (Duration)

Session 8: Thematic Observing Strategies  

Strategic consideration of emergence and status within CEOS of the many acquisition requests and reflection on CEOS capacity and ability to manage multiple parallel requirements. What thematic coverage has CEOS committed to? What are the current and future resource requirements to address those commitments and the adequacy of CEOS resources? Does CEOS capacity allow it to take on new commitments?

CEOS Carbon Strategy (M Dowell) [presentation]

CEOS Water Strategy (C Ishida (WebEx)) [presentation]

Coordination of Thematic Observations

  • CEOS Acquisition Requirements and Capacities (SEO/SIT Team) [presentation]
  • Tools and Processes for Management and Coordination (LSI-VC) [presentation]
  • Required Actions, Roles
09:00-11:00 (120 min) 
  Break 11:00-11:30 (30 min)

Session 9: CEOS VCs and WGs: Issues for Attention/Decision of SIT-31  

Addressing Key Issues Identified During SIT Chair Telecons.

VC Leads and WG Chairs Issue Reports

  • Synthesis Report on VC and WG Achievements and Plans (JL Fellous) [presentation]
  • SST-VC: Passive Microwave Redundant Continuity Issue (A O’Carroll/K Casey via WebEx) – Refer to position paper (20 minutes) [presentation]
  • OST-VC New Generation of Altimetry Constellation (P Escudier/H Bonekamp) (20 minutes) [presentation]
11:30-13:00 (90 min)
  Lunch (ESRIN Cafeteria) 13:00-14:00 (60 min)
Session 10: Copernicus Sentinel Data Uptake and Application

Sentinels Space and Ground Segment Status (EC/ESA/EUM)

14:00-14:45 (45 min)

Discussion: Inputs from CEOS Initiatives (VCs, WGs, AHTs etc.) on Access and Uptake of Sentinel Data in CEOS Actions

14:45-15:30 (45 min)
Session 11: SIT-31 AOB, Actions, and Closing

AOB: Including:

15:30-16:00 (30 min)
16 Review of Actions (SIT Chair Team) 16:00-16:15 (15 min)
17 SIT-31 Closing Remarks 16:15-16:45 (30 min)
  Adjourn 16:45