CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: June 29th - July 2nd, 2021


The 49th Meeting of the CEOS Working Group on Calibration and Validation

This will be a 4-day meeting of 2 hours each day, starting on Tuesday. The starting time will be 12:00 UTC (08:00 Washington DC, 13:00 London, 14:00 Rome, 20:00 Perth, 21:00 Tokyo) each day.

Objectives & Agenda


Actions Summary (PDF | DOC)

Presentation Files

1.1: Welcome and Chairs’ Report
1.2: Land Product Validation (LPV) Subgroup Report
1.3: Infrared and Visible Optical Sensors (IVOS) Subgroup Report
1.4: Terrain Mapping (TMSG) Subgroup Report
1.5: Terminology and common online dictionary

2.2: Microwave Sensors (MSSG) Subgroup Report – Standards and metrics for scatterometers and wind retrievals (CV-20-05)
2.3: Atmospheric Composition (ACSG) Subgroup Report
2.4: ACIX / CMIX Discussion
2.5: Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Subgroup Report

3.2: CEOS Analysis-Ready Data for Land (CARD4L)
3.3: WGCV and GSICS Coordination

3.3a: Solar Reference Spectrum
3.4: Copernicus Calibration Validation Solution (CCVS)

4.2: WGCV support to the CEOS strategy for the Global Stocktake of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement
4.2a: Greenhouse Gas Reference Standards for Interoperability. Intercomparison Between Greenhouse Gas Sensors, Vicarious Calibration, and the Portal

4.3: Inventory of space data product formats used by CEOS Agencies (FDA-18-05)
4.4: ISO standard on EO products (draft ISO 19124-1)