CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: October 19th - 21st, 2021


The 52nd Meeting of the CEOS Working Group on Information Systems & Services

This meeting will be virtual, and will be held from 10:00 to 13:00 UTC each day.



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Tuesday, October 19, 2021



10:00 Welcome and Chair Report  Robert Woodcock (CSIRO)
10:05 CEOS Executive Officer (CEO) Report  Marie-Claire Greening (CEO)
10:15 Announcements of New Datasets, Services, and Tools All

Enabling Open Science

10:20 Introduction Andy Mitchell (NASA)
10:30 OpenEO Platform: Current Status and Evolution       video P. Griffiths (ESA)
10:45 Euro Data Cube – Bring Your Own Algorithm (BYOA)         video Anja Vrecko (Sinergise), P. Mougnaud (ESA)
11:00 Open Science by Design  K. Baynes (NASA)
11:15 USGS Pete Doucette (USGS)
11:30 Discussion Andy Mitchell (NASA)
11:40 Break  


11:50 Introduction Damiano Guerrucci (ESA)
11:55 Status of GEO DAB Interoperability CEOS catalogues Roberto Roncella (CNR-IIA/ESA)
12:00 General Reports  
12:00          IDN       summary Michael Morahan (NASA)
12:10          CWIC and CWIC Evolution  Minnie Wong (NASA)
12:20          FedEO  Y. Coene (Spacebel/ESA)
12:30 Discovery of Services Y. Coene (Spacebel/ESA)
12:45 Processing-On-the-Fly Macro-Language (POF-ML)   video S. Riazanoff (VisioTerra)

Wednesday, October 20, 2021



10:00 Introduction Robert Woodcock (CSIRO)
10:05 ARD Services for ECV Data in WGISS Carbon Community Portal  Liping Di (NASA, NOAA)
10:20 Progress on developing ISO 19124-1 Calibration and Validation Standard  Liping Di (NASA, NOAA)
10:35 Data Deployments in the Cloud – Summary Diane Davies (NASA)
10:50 Cloud Computing Technology  
10:50          Cloud Migration Archive Pilot Ken Casey (NOAA)
11:05          Earthdata Cloud  Dan Pilone (NASA)
11:20 Update on Earth Analytics Interoperability Lab (EAIL) Robert Woodcock (CSIRO)
11:30 FDA and OSS Inventories Iolanda Maggio (Rhea/ESA)
11:40 Break  


11:50 Introduction Yousuke Ikehata (JAXA)
11:55 Webinar with Jupyter Notebook Report with WGCapD Esther Conway (UKSA)
12:00 Joint Webinar Planning with WGCapD Kenton Ross (NASA)
12:10 Jupyter Notebook Best Practice Esther Conway (UKSA)
12:25 Blockchain KSI Technology    Priit Anton (Guardtime/ESA)
12:40 NEODAAS AI Service or PML with AI and Machine Learning Katie Awty-Carroll (PML/UKSA)
12:55 Technology Exploration Action Plan  Yousuke Ikehata (JAXA)

Thursday, October 21, 2021



10:00 Developing Community Guidelines to Promote Global Access to and Harmonization of Quality Information of Individual Earth Science Datasets Ge Peng (NASA)
10:15      Term ‘Level’ Used in Maturity Matrix and Product Level Definition – Discussion Iolanda Maggio (Rhea/ESA)
10:20 Session on Data Quality Self-Assessment and Indicators            
10:20          WGISS Data Management and Stewardship Maturity Matrix and Quality Indicators Iolanda Maggio, P. Castracane (Rhea/ESA)
10:30          Data Quality at ESA  Philippe Goryl (ESA)
10:40          Data Quality at NOAA  Nancy Ritchey (NOAA)
10:50          Data Quality at JAXA Makoto Natsuisaka (JAXA)
11:00          Data Quality at USGS Cody Anderson (USGS) 
11:10 Provenance Using KSI Blockchain Pilot Project Priit Anton (GUARDTIME/ESA)
11:20 Break  
11:30 OAIS Interoperability Framework (OAIS-IF) Roberta Svanetti (DEDACLOUD/ESA)
11:45 Data Integrity and Authenticity on Cloud Iolanda Maggio (Rhea/ESA)
12:00 CEOS Common Online Dictionary Katrin Molch (DLR)
12:15 International Cooperation on AVHRR Data Mirko Albani (ESA)

WGISS PLENARY, continued

12:25 Agency Reports   
12:25          CONAE Homero Lozza (CONAE)
12:30          NASA Andy Mitchell (NASA)
12:35          USGS Tom Sohre (USGS)
12:40 Future Meetings Makoto Natsuisaka (JAXA)
12:45 WGISS Summary and Discussion, Concluding Remarks  Robert Woodcock (CSIRO)