CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: April 9th - 13th, 2018



WGISS and WGCV Attendees

The 45th Meeting of the Working Group on Information Systems & Services (WGISS) 

Hosted by: Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE, Brazil)

Location: São José dos Campos, Brazil 

The WGISS-45 meeting will be of significant interest not only to CEOS members but also to users of CEOS data and services. This meeting will focus on the four main domains addressed in WGISS:

  • Data Preservation and Stewardship
  • Data Interoperability and Use
  • Data Discovery and Access
  • Technology Exploration

It will also include a full-day workshop on Earth Observation Future Data Architectures and on an introduction of the Copernicus Data and Information Access System (DIAS) for CEOS.

The meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for CEOS Agencies to present their achievements and share results and lessons learned with other agencies and to contribute to the definition and shaping of future data architectures, standards, and approaches for making data available to users in the most effective way possible.

It will also include a dedicated joint session with the CEOS Working Group on Calibration and Validation (WGCV) to address topics of common interest and the CEOS 2018-20 Work Plan Objectives/Deliverables defined as an outcome of the last CEOS Plenary.


Monday, April 9, 2018

Point of Contact
08:15 Meet in Hotel Lobby for Transportation to Meeting    
08:30 Registration    
09:00 Convene    
  WGISS Plenary    
09:00 Host Welcome and Logistics Information Lubia Vinhas  
09:10 Welcome and Introductions, Adoption of Agenda Mirko Albani  
09:20 WISP Report Michelle Piepgrass  
09:30 WGISS Chair Report Mirko Albani  
09:50 WGISS 2018-2020 Work Plan Mirko Albani  
10:30 Break    
10:50 WGISS Brochure Yonsook Enloe  
11:10 Data Stewardship Interest Group (DSIG) Session Mirko Albani  
11:40 DSIG Standards Status and Way Forward Iolanda Maggio  
12:00 Data Management and Stewardship Maturity Matrix Lessons Learned    
       ESA Iolanda Maggio  
       IGSNRR/CAS Liu Chuang  
12:30 Lunch    
13:30 Introduction Yonsook Enloe  
  WGISS Connected Data Assets Yonsook Enloe  
  IDN and ECV Status Michael Morahan  
  FedEO Status Andrea Della Vecchia  
  CWIC Status Yonsook Enloe  
  China (NRSCC) and China GEO Status Eugene Yu*  
15:00 Break    

Carbon Portal and Strategy


Kenneth McDonald*,

Liping Di*

15:40 OGC Documents Spec Status – OGC 17-003 and OGC 13-026r9 Andrea Della Vecchia  

CEOS OpenSearch Project Report

     Conformance Test Document and OGC Document Review

Andrea Della Vecchia  
16:20 Data Asset Enhancement – Synergies with FDA Rob Woodcock  
16:40 Minutes and Action Items review Michelle Piepgrass  
17:00 Adjourn    


Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Point of Contact
08:00 Meet in Hotel Lobby for Transportation to Meeting  
09:00 Convene  
  Joint Session with WGCV  
09:00 Welcome and Introductions, adoption of Joint Plenary agenda

Mirko Albani

Kurtis Thome

09:10 Host Welcome Opening Address

Dr. Ricardo Galvao,

INPE Director

09:40 CEOS Executive Officer Report Steven Hosford
10:10 CEOS 2018-2020 Work Plan Steven Hosford
10:30 Break  
  Joint Session with WGCV, continued  
10:50 GEO Secretariat Report Paola de Salvo*
11:10 CEOS Systems Engineering Office Report Brian Killough*
11:30 WGISS Overview Mirko Albani
11:45 WGCV Overview Kurtis Thome
12:00 Overview of WGISS/WGCV Joint Effort; Past Achievements & Discussion

Mirko Albani,

Kurtis Thome

12:30 Lunch  
  Joint Session with WGCV, continued  
13:30 Data Formats and Interoperability in the framework of FDA

Robert Woodcock, 

Medhavy Thankappan

14:00 Quality Indicators in Discovery Metadata

Michael Morahan,

Nigel Fox

14:30 CEOS Data Cubes and CEOS Test Sites Data Access in support of WGCV Activities

Robert Woodcock,

Greg Stensaas

15:00 Group Photo  
15:10 Break  
15:30 Standardization and Best Practices (e.g., ISO 19159-3)

Richard Moreno,

Cindy Ong

16:00 Summary on Joint Interaction and Additional Opportunities; Joint Recommendations to CEOS and GEO

Mirko Albani,

Kurtis Thome

16:30 Minutes and Action Items review

Michelle Piepgrass,

Jamie Nickeson

17:00 Adjourn  
19:00 No-host Dinner  


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Point of Contact
08:00 Meet in Hotel Lobby for Transportation to Meeting  
08:45 Convene  
Workshop on Future Data Architectures (FDA) and Introduction of Copernicus Data and Information Access System (DIAS)
  FDA Platforms and Elements Landscape  
08:45 Introduction Mirko Albani
08:50 FDA Context Steven Hosford
09:10 Exploitation Platforms and Common Reference Architecture Cristiano Lopes*
09:30 ESA Data Cubes

Rosemarie Leone*,

Andrea Della Vecchia

09:50 Sentinel-2 ARD: Making the Process Operational Federica Moscato*
10:10 Open Data Cube in Uganda Simon Reid*
10:30 Break  
  FDA Platforms and Elements Landscape, continued  
10:50 Horizontal Scalability for the Colombian Data Cube

Pilar Lozano-Rivera,

Harold Castro*

11:10 Copernicus DIAS Martin Ditter

GeoHazards Exploitation Platform (GEP) and

BIOMASS Missions Application Platform (MAP)

Jolanda Patruno*,

Andrea Della Vecchia

11:50 USGS Experiences with Cloud Kristi Kline*
12:30 Lunch  
  FDA Platforms and Elements Landscape, continued  
13:30 CODE-DE Platform  Albrecht von Bargen
13:50  NASA Cloud Presentations  
13:50      How Cloud Computing Can Help Scientists Chris Lynnes
14:10      Cumulus: Cloud-based Archive for NASA’s Earth Science Data Katie Baynes*
14:30      Best Practices for Cloud-Native Architectures Dan Pilone*
14:50      NASA’s Earthdata Cloud Analytics Framework Chris Lynnes
15:10 Break  
15:30 Vietnam Data Cube Matt Paget
15:50 CNES FDA Status Richard Moreno
16:10 INPE’s MODIS Data Cube: Architecture, Algorithms, and Results Lubia Vinhas
16:30 Minutes and Action Items review Michelle Piepgrass
17:00 Adjourn  


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Point of Contact
08:00 Meet in Hotel Lobby for Transportation to Meeting  
09:00 Convene  
09:00 Recovery Obervatory Richard Moreno
09:20 Open Source Software discussion Iolanda Maggio
09:40 OGC Testbed 13 Outcomes and Information on the OGC Testbed 14 Cristiano Lopes*
10:00 User Metrics Introduction Iolanda Maggio
10:10 ESA User Metrics Mirko Albani
10:30 Break  
10:50 DLR User Metrics Katrin Molch*
11:05 NASA User Metrics Chris Lynnes
11:20 ESA Single Sign On (SSO) and Federated Identity Management Marco Leonardi*
11:35 USGS User Management Kristi Kline*
11:50 NextGEOSS User Management

Nuno Catarino,

Juan José Doval Pérez

  Agency/Liaison Reports  
12:10 CSIRO Robert Woodcock
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 CONAE Homero Lozza
13:40 INPE Lubia Vinhas
13:50 ESA Mirko Albani
14:00 Geoscience Australia Medhavy Thankappan
14:10 JAXA Makoto Natsuisaka
14:20 NASA Andrew Mitchell*
14:30 UKSA Esther Conway
14:40 Future Meetings Robert Woodcock
15:00 Break  
15:20 WGISS Summary Mirko Albani
16:00 WGISS-45 Action Items Michelle Piepgrass
16:45 Concluding Remarks Mirko Albani
17:00 Adjourn