CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: October 8th - 11th, 2019

The 48th Meeting of the Working Group on Information Systems & Services

Hosted by: Vietnam National Space Center (VNSC) – Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) 

Location: VAST Campus, Hanoi, Vietnam

Dates: October 8 to 11, 2019


Meeting Notes


Group PhotoNo Host Dinner Photo 

Hotels, Transportation, Logistics 

Tuesday October 8, 2019

Time Title Presenter
9:30 Host Welcome Dr. Vu Anh Tuân, VNSC Vice Director General
10:00 Welcome and Introductions, Adoption of Agenda Mirko Albani
10:10 Systems Engineering Office (SEO) Report Brian Killough*
10:30 Connected Data Assets System Level Team  
10:30 WGISS Connected Data Assets Status Report Andrew Mitchell
10:50 CWIC Report Archie Warnock*
11:30 IDN Report Michael Morahan
11:50 FedEO Report Mirko Albani
12:10 NASA Services/Tools Metadata Refactoring Efforts Valerie Dixon
13:30 NOAA One-Stop and the Cloud Ken Casey
13:50 OGC Happenings Yves Coene*
  Testbed15 “Service Discovery”  
  OGC 17-184 “Collection Description”  
14:10 GEOSS Platform – New Version: “Data & Knowledge” Live Demonstration Guido Colangeli*
14:30 Data Discovery and Access Discussion, Summary of Actions Mirko Albani
  WGISS PLENARY, continued  
15:00 WISP Report Michelle Piepgrass
15:40 WGISS Chair Report Mirko Albani
16:10 CEOS Executive Officer (CEO) Report Steven Hosford*
16:30 WGISS Plenary Discussion, Summary of Actions Mirko Albani

Wednesday October 9, 2019

Date Title Presenter
9:30 Future Data Architectures  Robert Woodcock
9:40 ARD/AODS in Apache SDAP Thomas Huang*
10:00 OPeNDAP in the Cloud  James Gallagher*
10:20 Forest Monitoring Initiative and Vietnam Data Cube  Dr. Vu Anh Tuân
11:10 Carbon Portal Presentation and Demonstration Liping Di
11:30 UK ARD, Downstream and Calibration Data Esther Conway
11:50 UK Open Data Cube Initiatives Rob Fletcher
13:30 FDA and OSS Inventory and Demonstrations Iolanda Maggio
14:10 Why to Watch WFS 3.0 Valerie Dixon
14:30 ONDA DIAS Franck Ranera*
14:50 CREODIAS Alek Cesarz*
15:30 Data Cubes Interoperability – Setting the Scene Robert Woodcock
15:40 Progress on the Euro Data Cube Philippe Mougnaud*, Grega Milcinski*
16:00 Progress on the HMDC Mirko Albani
16:20 Progress on the ODC Data Cube Robert Woodcock
16:40 Roadmap and Short Term Activities on Interoperability between ODC / HMDC / EuroDC, Data Cubes (e.g. Jupyter notebooks with XArray API and WCS / WPS) Robert Woodcock, Brian Killough*
17:10 Data Interoperability and Use Discussion, Summary of Actions Robert Woodcock

Thursday October 10, 2019

  Agency and Liaison Reports  
9:30 ISO 19165-2 Hampapuram Ramapriyan*
9:45 ISO TC 211   Liping Di
10:00 UKSA Esther Conway
10:10 JAXA Makoto Natsuisaka
10:20 CNES Richard Moreno
10:30 NASA Andrew Mitchell
10:40 ESA Mirko Albani
11:10 Persistent Identifiers – Approaches and Processes, Documentation and Software, Landing Page Approach, Lessons Learned  
11:10 ESA Iolanda Maggio
11:30 NOAA Ken Casey
11:50 CNES Richard Moreno 
12:10 Preservation Pilot Project Mirko Albani
13:30 PV2020 Conference Esther Conway 
13:50 Use of SKOS Interface and Tools Damiano Guerrucci*
14:10 NOAA Maturity Matrix Self-Assessment Tool Ken Casey
14:30 EDAP: Quality Assessment Matrix Philippe Goryl*
14:50 RDA Fair Maturity Model and Way Forward for Finalization of WGISS Maturity Matrix Iolanda Maggio
15:10 AVHRR European Dataset Preservation and Valorization Project Stefan Wunderle*
15:30 Data Preservation and Stewardship Discussion, Summary of Actions Mirko Albani
  WGISS PLENARY, continued  
16:10 GEO Secretariat Report Gilberto Camara*
16:30 GEO Work Programme and WGISS Contributions Mirko Albani
16:40 GEO Discussion, Summary of Actions Mirko Albani
17:00 Blockchain and Earth Observation Antonio Romeo*

Friday October 11, 2019

9:30 Introduction Valerie Dixon
9:40 NASA Knowledge Graph Prototype3 Doug Newman*
10:00 Linked Data at Scale in the Global Change Information Service  Reid Sherman*
10:20 SELFIE (Second Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment)  D Blodgett*, Alistair Ritchie*
11:00 OGC API – Features: a resource oriented alternative to WFS George Percivall*
11:20 STAC – Spatiotemporal Asset Catalog  Dan Pilone*
11:40 Technology Exploration Discussion, Summary of Actions Valerie Dixon
  WGISS PLENARY, continued  
12:20 Future Meetings Robert Woodcock
13:30 CEOS Working Groups Reports and Progress on Cooperation with WGISS  
13:30 WGCV Cindy Ong*
13:50 WGCapD Lauren Childs*
14:10 WGClimate Joerg Schultz*
14:30 SDG AHT Marc Paganini*
14:50 CEOS Working Groups Cooperation Discussion, Summary of Actions Mirko Albani
15:30 WGISS Summary Mirko Albani
15:50 Review of WGISS-47 Actions Michelle Piepgrass
16:10 WGISS-48 Actions Michelle Piepgrass
16:40 Concluding Remarks Mirko Albani