CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: April 9th - 10th, 2014


The 29th Meeting of the CEOS Strategic Implementation Team (SIT-29)

Hosted by CNES

Location: Toulouse, France

Please contact Danielle Barrere directly with any questions or comments.

Documents for Review and Endorsement

Item Document Agenda Item # Decision
1 CEOS 3-year Work Plan [Document] 3 Plenary
2 Working Group Process Paper [Document] 7 Plenary
3 New Initiatives Process Paper [Document] 7 Plenary
4 Land Surface Study Group recommendations [Presentation] 10 SIT
5 Global Baseline Data Acquisition Strategy for GFOI (Version 2.0, 2014 Update)[Letter] [Document] [Annex B – 2013 Implementation Report] 14 SIT
6 Space Data Services for GFOI [Letter] [Document] 14 SIT
7 CEOS Strategy for Carbon Observations from Space (Version 2) 15 Plenary
8 Proposed Working Group on Disasters Sructure [PPT] [PDF] 17 Plenary
9 Recovery Observatory Proposal [PPT] [Document] 18 SIT
10 New Supersites and selection process [PPT] 18 SIT
11 DRM pilots [PPT] 18 SIT


Tuesday, April 8th, 2014: Side Meetings

Time Meeting Location
08:00 Welcome Coffee Léonard de Vinci Building
09:00-13:00 Working Group on Disasters NADAR Building Room 12
12:00-14:00 Lunch (Hosted) Léonard de Vinci Building
13:00-14:00 CEOS SEC Poincaré Building Conference Room
14:15-15:15 Working Group GEOGLAM

Poincaré Building Room 20
13:00-17:00 Others TBA

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014: Day 1

Item # Time Description Presentation Materials
08:15-09:00 Registration/securityVirtual Participant ConnectionWelcome & Coffee
Session 1: Welcome and Essential Business (Location: Léonard De Vinci)
1 09:00-09:20

Welcome Message by Marc Pircher, Director of Toulouse Space Centre

  • Welcome and Opening Remarks by the SIT Chair (P Ultré-Guérard)
  • Tour de Table self-introductions
  • Logistics information
  • SIT-29 Expected outcomes and introduction of agenda
2 09:20-09:30

Review of Open Actions (S Ward)

[PPT][Summary Table]
3 09:30-09:45

CEOS Priorities for 2014 (K Sawyer, CEO)

Presentation of the 2014-2016 CEOS Three-Year Work Plan

(Decision during Plenary – Session 5)

[PPT][Work Plan]
4 09:45-10:00

Outcomes from the GEO Ministerial and GEO-X Plenary

(E Volden)

[PPT][GEO Geneva Declaration]
5 10:00-10:30

GEO Coordination Items (S Briggs, B Smith, E Volden)

  • Post-2015 GEOSS
  • Activities over the next two years with respect to the future GEO, through to the next Ministerial (November 2015)
  • CEOS Expectations of GEO on Observational Requirements and CEOS guidance to GEO (S Briggs)
10:30-11:15 Group Photo & Break
Session 2: CEOS Virtual Constellations and Working Groups (VCs & WGs)
6 11:15-11:25

Introduction to WG and VC Session (P Ultré-Guérard)

SIT Chair will briefly introduce Session 2 and define

the high-level objectives and strategic goals that will be pursued

during her mandate.

7 11:25-11:45

Working Group/ New Initiatives Process Paper

(Decision during Plenary Session 5) (K Sawyer)

The CEO will review the Process Papers relating to

CEOS Working Groups and to guidance on new initiatives.

8 11:45-12:00

WG and VC Session Objectives and Content (J-L Fellous)

On behalf of the SIT Chair team, Fellous will outline the session

objectives and content, review the membership, composition and

leadership of VCs and WGs, and provide a quick overview of the

outcomes from VC-WG telecons.

9 12:00-13:15

WG and VC Session– VC focus (15 mins per topic)

VC Co-Leads will review briefly the current status and issues for

SIT decision/action of their respective WG.

  • OSVW status and issues – training activities, international engagement (P Counet on behalf of P Chang and J Figa)
  • OST status and issues – recent results, continuity (J Lambin)
  • OCR status and issues – relationship with IOCCG, data access (J Lambin)
  • P-VC status and issues – GPM, continuity, international engagement (R Oki, C Ishida)
  • ACC status and issues – continuity of limb sounding (R Eckman)




13:15-14:15 Lunch (Hosted)
9 14:15-15:00

WG and VC Session (continued) (15mins per topic)

  • SST-VC status and issues – Comparison campaign and SST Operational Validation Project (C Donlon remote connection)
  • VC Deliverables (S Hosford)

Discussion and Synthesis (J-L Fellous, moderator)

[SST PPT][VC Deliverables PPT]
10 15:00-15:15

Land Surface Study Group (J Dalge – remote connection)

15:15-15:45 Break
11 15:45-16:30

VC and WG Session – WG focus

WG Chair or Vice-chair will review briefly the current status and

issues for SIT decision/action of their respective VC.

  • WGISS issues for SIT decision/action (R Moreno)
  • WGCV issues for SIT decision/action (S Srivastava)
  • WGCapD issues for SIT decision/action (J Olwoch)



12 16:30-17:00

Brief review and wrap (CNES SIT Chair Team)


CEOS Document Configuration Management System and

Website refurbishment (K Keith)

  • Status and plans for the development of CEOS Document Configuration Management System
  • Feedback from an online survey on the CEOS website and proposed refurbishments
17:15 Adjourn

Thursday, April 10th, 2014: Day 2

Item # Time Description Presentation Materials
08:15-09:00 Registration/security, Virtual Participant Connection,Welcome & Coffee
Session 3: Established CEOS Priorities (Location: Léonard De Vinci)
14 09:00-09:45

Space Data Coordination Group (SDCG) for GFOI

  • GFOI status update (S Briggs)
  • Global Baseline Strategy Implementation Plan for 2014 (S Ward)
  • Space Data Services Strategy for GFOI (S Ward)
[PPT][Space Data Services

For GFOI Outreach

Document PDF]

15 09:45-10:15

Carbon Task Force (S Ward, C Ishida)

  • Presentation of report for endorsement (decision during Plenary–Session 5)
  • Recommendations and discussion on implementation options
16 10:15-10:45

GEOGLAM (M Deshayes, G Dyke)

  • GEOGLAM status update
  • Phase 1 acquisition implementation update
  • Phase 2 strategy development
[PPT #1][PPT #2]

[Phase overview]

[JECAM Progress

Report Summary:


[Full Document PDF]



Session 4: CEOS Initiatives Related to Disasters
17 11:00-11:30

WG Disasters Update (S Chalifoux, A Eddy)

  • Startup activities and status
  • Proposed WG structure (decision during Plenary – Session 5)
18 11:30-12:15

Acquisition Planning and Coordination (S Chalifoux)

  • Recovery Observatory (S Hosford)
  • New Supersites (DLR)
  • Support to DRM pilots (A Eddy)
[RecoveryObservatory:PPT / DOC][Geohazards

Supersites &


Laboratories PPT]

[Support to

DRM Pilots: PPT]

19 12:15-12:30

CEOS plan for participation in World Conference on

Disaster Risk Reduction (WCDDR) (C Ishida)

[PPT][Voluntary Commitments]




Lunch (Hosted)

Session 5: CEOS Plenary Session (Chaired by: A Ratier)

20 14:00-14:30
  • CEOS 2014-2016 Work Plan
  • CEOS Working Group Process Paper
  • CEOS New Initiatives Process Paper
  • Carbon Task Force Report
  • WG Disasters structure
[Work Plan]

Session 6: CEOS Initiatives Related to Climate

21 14:30-15:45

Joint CEOS-CGMS WGClimate Report (P Lecomte)

  • Update of WGClimate activities including first joint meetings
  • Preparations for UNFCCC COP-20 SBSTA-41
15:45-16:15 Break

Session 7: SIT-29 Closing Business

22 16:15-16:45


23 16:45-17:00

SIT-29 Action Item Confirmation (S Ward)

24 17:00-17:15 SIT Chair Closing Remarks (P Ultré-Guérard)Future meetings – SIT Workshop 2014
17:15 Adjourn