CEOS Development Environment

29th CEOS Plenary

Event Dates: November 4th - 6th, 2015


Hosted by: The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Location: Kyoto, Japan

Meeting Prospectus | Final Agenda [30 Oct 2015]


The Kyoto Statement

Icebreaker Photo | Group Photo

Group Photo from the 29th Plenary Icebreaker


The 2015 JAXA Symposium on Satellite Earth Observation Data Applications

JAXA organized a Symposium on Satellite Earth Observation Data Applications ahead of the 29th CEOS Plenary in Tokyo on November 2nd. This symposium focused on the applications of satellite Earth observations for decision-making in people’s lives. Please visit the Symposium Website for more information.

Plenary Agenda

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015 — Registration, Side Meetings, & Events

Time Meeting Detail Location
08:15-16:00 Registration Desk
08:30-09:30 Troika Meeting #1 (Chair: JAXA): Collaborations & Achievements Closed Meeting: EUMETSAT, JAXA, CSIRO Room J
09:30-10:30 SEC-206 (Chair: JAXA) Closed Meeting (Will proceed according to the SEC agenda)* Room J
10:30-10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:45 Land Surface Imaging Virtual Constellation Implementation Discussion regarding the work plan for, initially, 2016 with the anticipation of endorsement at the Plenary. This will include milestones and interactions with groups both internal and external to CEOS. * Room J
11:15-12:45 WHO: How can space technology go to countries that don’t have access? Panel Discussion: WHO proposes to discuss how we can deliver EO benefits to public health in developing countries in a simple way and at low cost. Room K
11:45-12:45 Climate material coordination for SBSTA-42 Coordinate media strategy to feature CEOS contributions to COP-21/SBSTA-43. This is a paperless event, and we propose to employ the new CEOS social media strategy to promote the value and role of space agencies in climate monitoring, research, and services. Room J
12:45-14:00 Lunch
12:45-14:00 GFOI Discussions    
14:00-15:00 The CEOS Ad Hoc Working Group on GEOGLAM Coordinate GEOGLAM data acquisition and dissemination of CEOS Agency satellite data based on requirements in the GEOGLAM implementation plan. Discuss the satellite data management system developed and operated by CEOS SEO to support GEOGLAM.* Room J
14:00-15:00 SIT Operations Survey  Open meeting to present an analysis of the SIT Operations Survey Room K
15:00-16:00 GEOGLAM Asia Rice Meeting Provide community of practice for user agencies in Indonesia and ASEAN for rice crop monitoring and outlook and discuss the requirements of CEOS satellite data and information systems with CEOS Members.* Room J
15:00-16:00 SIT Team Meeting Closed meeting for extended SIT team preparation Room K
16:00-16:15 Coffee Break   
16:15-17:15 European Coordination Meeting This is a closed meeting between European CEOS Agencies to coordinate their participation in the CEOS Plenary.  Room J
16:15-17:15 CSIRO-USGS Meeting  This is a closed meeting.  
17:30-20:00 Icebreaker  

*Web conferencing available.

Thursday, November 5th, 2015 — Day 1

Location: Room A, 2F

Item Time Description
  08:00-08:30 Registration
Welcome & Opening Session
1 08:30-09:00

Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Welcome and Introduction (CEOS Chair)
  • Opening Remarks (Dr. Naoki Okumura, President of JAXA)
  • Opening Remarks ( Mr. Akinori Mori, Deputy Director-General, MEXT)
  • Tour-de-table


2 09:00-09:10

CEOS Chair Perspective on the 29th CEOS Plenary (CEOS Chair) [presentation]


3 09:10 -10:00

Membership Matters (CEOS Chair)

Application for Associate Membership.

Presentation: (6 minutes each)

  • Agence Gabonaise d’Études et d’Observations Spatiales AGEOS (Gabon) [presentation]
  • Agensi Angkasas Negara, ANGKASA (Malaysia) [presentation]
  • Australian Bureau of Meteorology (Australia) [presentation]
  • Agencia Espacial Mexicana (Mexico) [presentation]

Decision (10 minutes)

Short speech from new members. (2 minutes each)

4 10:00-10:15

Status of actions from previous CEOS Plenaries (CEO) [presentation]


5 10:15-10:30

Introduction of the Draft Kyoto Statement (CEOS Chair


  10:30-10:45 Group Photo
  10:45-11:00 Coffee Break
6 11:00-11:20 

Presentation of the CEOS 3-Year Work Plan annual update (CEO) [presentation]


Stakeholder Session: Climate & COP-21/SBSTA-43
7 11:20-11:35

GCOS Status and Plans (C. Richter) [Presentation]

GCOS Status Report: 

8 11:35-11:50

Working Group Climate report (J. Bates) [presentation]

-Chair/vice Chair handover


9 11:50-12:05

CEOS preparation for COP-21 (SIT Chair) [presentation]

CEOS preparation for SBSTA-43 (J. Bates) [presentation]

10 12:05-12:25 Discussion & Endorsements [SBSTA-43 Statement]
  12:25-13:15 Lunch
11 13:15-15:25

GEO Secretariat report – 20 minutes [Presentation]

  • Results/Accomplishments of the GEO 2012-2015 Work Plan
  • Future GEO
    • GEO Strategic Plan 2016-2025,
    • GEO transitional Work Program
    • Ministerial Summit objectives

SIT Report – 10 minutes 

CEOS contributions to the GEO 2012-2015 Work Plan [Presentation]


CEOS Position and Declaration at GEO-XII Plenary – 60 minutes

  • CEOS Position on the GEO Strategic Plan 2016-2025 [presentation] (updated 5th November)
  • CEOS Position on GEO transitional Work Program [presentation] (updated 5th November)
  • CEOS Position on the proposed GEO Rules of Procedure Document [presentation]
  • CEOS Views on Ministerial Declaration [presentation
  • Endorsement of CEOS Statement (10min) [presentation]

Others – 30 minutes

  • CEOS on site Participation at GEO-XII and Ministerial Summit (Booth, Side Meetings, Delegation, etc.) [Presentation]
  • Preparation for Sustainable Development Goals side event [Presentation]
  15:25-15:40 Coffee Break
SIT, VC, WG, & Initiatives
15 15:40-16:00 SIT Accomplishments of 2014-1015 (SIT Chair: P. Ultré-Guérard) [presentation]
16 16:00-16:30

Virtual Constellations’ report, and issues. (SIT Chair)


17 16:30-17:00

Outcomes of the 3rd UN WCDRR in Sendai, Japan

Follow up status and activities after the Sendai meeting

  • Outcome from WCDRR, UNISDR (Matsuoka) [presentation] (15min) 
  • Introduction of JAXA’s DRR related activities (C Ishida) [presentation] (5min)
  • Introduction of GEO DARMA (WGDisasters: I Petiteville) [presentation] (10min)
18 17:00-17:15

WGDisasters report (I. Petiteville) [presentation]

  • Recovery Observatory Triggering Procedure [document]
  • Chair/vice chair handover [nomination letter]                                                  


19 17:15-17:35

SDCG/GFOI report (S. Briggs) [presentation]

  • Revised SDCG 3-Year Work Plan [document]
  • The 2014 Global Baseline Strategy Implementation Report. [document]


20 17:35-18:00

GEOGLAM Report (B. Doorn) [Presentation]

  • CEOS Response to GEOGLAM Requirements [document]
  • Ad-Hoc Team for GEOGLAM Scope Document [document]





Reception (Hosted by JAXA) at Ganko Takasegawa Nijoen

Friday, November 6th, 2015 — Day 2

Location: Room A, 2F 

Item Time Description
SIT, VC, WG, & Initiatives (continued)
xx 08:15-08:30

CEOS-GEO Discussion continued from Day 1 [Presentation

21 08:30-08:45

WGISS report (R. Moreno): Chair/vice chair handover [Presentation]


22 08:45-09:00

WGCV report (A.Von-Bargen) [Presentation]

23 09:00 -09:15

WGCapD report (J.Olwoch) – Chair/vice chair handover [Presentation]


24 09:15-09:45

Data Applications Report. (JAXA) [Presentation]

  • Outcomes of the Tokyo Symposium on Data Applications.
  • Follow on plan of the Data Application Report.


25 09:45-10:05

Blue Planet Symposium(A. Steven, CSIRO) – Outcomes and future plans [presentation]

Report and Discussion

26 10:05-10:20 

Carbon Strategy Implementation (S. Briggs) [presentation]


27 10:20-10:40

Water Strategy implementation Study Team (JAXA) [presentation]

  • CEOS Strategy For Water Observations From Space [report]
  • Extension of the Ad Hoc team


28 10:40-11:00

SEO Report [Presentation]

– Projects and Accomplishments in 2015 (B. Killough)

– CEOS Information Management (K. Holloway) [CEOS Social Media Strategy]


29 11:00-11:10

MIM Database and CEOS EO Handbook report. (I. Petiteville)

[presentation – small] [presentation – large] [movie]

  11:10-11:25 Coffee Break
Agency Reports Focused on Future Missions
30 11:25-12:40

CEOS Agencies New/Future Mission Plan (5 minutes each)

  1. ASI [presentation]
  2. DLR [presentation]
  3. ESA [presentation]
  4. EU Copernicus [presentation]
  5. EUMETSAT [presentation]
  6. ISRO [presentation]
  7. JAXA [presentation]
  8. NASA [presentation]
  9. NOAA [presentation]
  10. NSMC/CMA [presentation]
  11. Roscosmos [presentation]
  12. WHO (Summary of the Wednesday’s Side Event) [presentation]
  13. UNOOSA (Introduction of UNISPACE + 50) [presentation]


Organisational Matters Session

31 13:30-13:45

Finalisation of the Kyoto Statement (CEOS Chair)


32 13:45-13:50 SIT Chair hand over to ESA
33 13:50-14:00

Remarks from the new SIT Chair (S Briggs) [presentation]

34 14:00-14:10

Continuation of CEOS Ad Hoc Teams [presentation] (updated 4th November)


35 14:10-14:15

Announcement of CEOS 2017 Chair [presentation]




Coffee Break


Plenary Decision and Action Wrap-up (CEOS Chair)


Future Vision & CEOS Chair Handover
38 14:40-15:05

CSIRO Priorities and Expected Outcomes for 2016 (A Held, CSIRO) [presentation] [video]

  • Non-meteorological Applications for Next Generation Geostationary Satellites [document]
  • Future Data Access & Analysis Architectures [document]


39 15:05-15:20

CEOS Chair handover and Closing Remarks (CEOS Chair) [video]




Coffee Break


207th CEOS Secretariat Meeting (SEC-207, Chaired by CSIRO) Location : 104A 


Troika Meeting #2: Chaired by CSIRO – 2016 collaborations

Closed meeting among JAXA, CSIRO, USGS; Location :104A

Enjoy a nice evening in Kyoto!