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Event Dates: October 22nd - 25th, 2018
WGISS-46 Attendees

WGISS-46 Attendees

 The 46th Meeting of the Working Group on Information Systems & Services 

Hosted by DLR (the German Aerospace Center), Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany

The WGISS-46 meeting will be of significant interest not only to CEOS members but also to users of CEOS data and services. This meeting will focus on the four main domains addressed in WGISS:

  • Data Preservation and Stewardship
  • Data Interoperability and Use
  • Data Discovery and Access
  • Technology Exploration


Monday, October 22, 2018


08:00 Meet in Hotel Lobby for Transportation to Meeting    
08:30 Registration    
09:00 Convene    
  WGISS Plenary Mirko Albani  
09:00 Host Welcome and Logistics Information Stefan Dech  
09:10 Welcome and Introductions, Adoption of Agenda Mirko Albani  
09:20 WISP Report Michelle Piepgrass  
09:30 WGISS Chair Report Mirko Albani  
10:00 WGISS 2018-2020 Work Plan Mirko Albani  
10:30 Break    
10:50 Data Stewardship Reference Model Iolanda Maggio  
11:10 WMO-wide Stewardship Maturity Matrix for Climate Data Ge Peng  
11:40 Data Management and Stewardship Maturity Matrix: Lessons Learned Liu Chuang  

EVER-EST to Support the Research Life  Cycle Management

Federica Foglini*

Rosemarie Leone*

12:30 Lunch    
  Data PRESERVATION and STEWARDSHIP, continued    

Knowledge Management System (KMS)

        Information Preservation Processes Rosemarie Leone*  
 14:00 Measuring EO Data Usage – Best Practices Iolanda Maggio  
 14:30 CERN Archiving Centre Jamie Shiers  
 15:00 ISO 19165-2 Standard Status Hampapuram Ramapriyan*  
15:30 Break    


Knowledge Sharing Opportunities: Conferences (Living Planet and PV2018)


Esther Conway*,

Iolanda Maggio

16:00 CEOS Executive Officer Report Steven Hosford*  

SEO Report

Brian Killough*  

WGCapD Report

Dieter Hausamann  

Hungarian Space Office Liaison Report

Gabor Remetey*  

WGISS Brochure: WGISSIDN, CWIC, Tech Expo,  Data Discovery, Data Preservation, FedEO, Interoperability, FDA Fact Sheets

Iolanda Maggio  
17:15 Adjourn    

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

08:15 Meet at corner Mühlfelder Str./Seestr.: for transportation to Meeting  
09:00 Convene  
09:00 Introduction

Yonsook Enloe

  WGISS Connected Data Assets Report

Yonsook Enloe

  CWIC Report Yonsook Enloe
  IDN Report Michael Morahan
  FedEO Update Andrea Della Vecchia
       European partners’ data Collections Registration into IDN through FedEO  
       ESA Catalog Evolution  
10:30 Break  
10:50 ESA TPM Datacube Demonstration Andrea Della Vecchia
  Partner Reports  
      EUMETSAT Report Uwe Voges
      JAXA Portal Yousuke Ikehata
  CEOS OpenSearch Conformance Test Document

Andrea Della Vecchia

  WGISS Connected Data Assets Client Guide Document

Yonsook Enloe

12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Interfacing Tools with Data

Chris Lynnes

13:45 FOSS Libraries and Tools to Raise EO Data and Applications

Homero Lozza*

14:05 Google Dataset Search Tool Evaluation (DLR)

André Twele

14:15 Google Dataset Search Tool Evaluation (NASA)

Doug Newman*

14:25 DATA-14: White Paper on Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication

Marco Leonardi*

14:40 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Possible Applications in the EO Domain

Sveinung Loekken

15:10 FDA Topics Going Forward

Robert Woodcock

15:30 Tour of the German Space Operations Center  
17:00 Adjourn  


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

08:00 Meet at corner Mühlfelder Str./Seestr.:  for Transportation to Meeting  
09:00 Convene  
  GEOSS-WGISS Interoperability and Future Data Architectures  
09:00 Introduction Mirko Albani
09:10 CEOSS WGISS Overview and Report Mirko Albani
09:30 GEO SEC Overview and Report Paola de Salvo*
10:00 WGISS Connected Data Assets State of the Art

Yonsook Enloe

10:30 Break  
10:50 CEOS Future Data Architectures (FDA) Activities (e.g., Data Cubes, Exploitation Platforms)

Robert Woodcock

11:50 GEOSS Platform and GEO Portal

Joost van Bemmelen*,

Guido Colangeli*,

Stefano Nativi*

12:15 Group Photo  
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 NextGEOSS  Bente Lija Bye*
13:50 Regional GEOSS:  Architectures/Interoperability/Technology/Cooperation  
       AmeriGEOSS Eldrich Frazier*
       AfriGEOSS Imran Saloojee*

Anica Huck

14:50 GEOSS Data Providers Workshop Outcomes Paola De Salvo*
15:10 GEOSS EVOLVE and Future Vision Stefano Nativi*
15:30 Break  
15:50 WGISS Contributions to DMP Evolution Iolanda Maggio
16:10 Discussion Topics Robert Woodcock, 

Yonsook Enloe,

Stefano Nativi*,

Jost von Bemmelen*

  Current GEOSS Challenges with Respect to Data Discovery and Access Systems  
       What is working, what can be working better, what is not working  
       GEOSS/WGISS interoperability issues  
  GEOSS Future Vision and CEOS Future Data Architectures: Challenges, synergies, and opportunities  
17:15 Adjourn  
18:30 – 22:00 Social Event; no-Host dinner restaurant Klostergasthof at the Andechs Monastery  


Thursday, October 25, 2018

08:15 Meet at corner Mühlfelder Str./Seestr.: for Transportation to Meeting  
09:00 Convene  
09:00 FDA-08: FDA Reference architecture Robert Woodcock
09:25 WGCV-3: CEOS Data cubes and test site data access Robert Woodcock
09:50 WGCV-1: Data formats and interoperability Kristi Kline
10:15 FDA-09: Inventory and characterize existing FDAs Mirko Albani
10:40 Break  
11:00 FDA-10 Inventory of software and tools (open source) Iolanda Maggio
11:25 CARB-15 Carbon data portal prototype Liping Di*
11:50 GO FAIR, RDA Richard Moreno
  Agency/Liaison Reports  
12:15 NASA

Andrew Mitchell

12:30 Lunch  
13:30 ESA Mirko Albani
13:40 CSIRO Robert Woodcock
13:50 CNES Richard Moreno
14:20 USGS Kristi Kline
14:30 JAXA Makoto Natsuisaka
15:10 Future Meetings Robert Woodcock
15:20 Break  
15:40 WGISS Summary Mirko Albani
16:00 WGISS-46 Action Items Michelle Piepgrass
16:45 Concluding Remarks Mirko Albani
17:00 Adjourn