CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: April 29th - May 2nd, 2019

Hosted by: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

WGISS-47 Attendees in Silver Spring, MD, USA

WGISS-47 Attendees in Silver Spring, MD, USA

Location: Silver Spring, MD (near Washington, DC),  USA

Dates: April 29 through May 2, 2019

The WGISS-47 meeting will be of significant interest not only to CEOS members but also to users of CEOS data and services. This meeting will focus on the four main domains addressed in WGISS (Data Preservation and Stewardship, Data Interoperability and Use, Data Discovery and Access, and Technology Exploration). It will also include a full day workshop addressing Future Data Architectures (FDA) elements demonstrations and interoperability analysis, and dedicated working sessions on Cloud Services, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applied to EO, and on EO ontologies.

The meeting will provide an excellent opportunity for CEOS members to present their achievements and share results and lessons learned with other agencies, and to contribute to the definition and shaping of future data architectures, standards and approaches for making data available to users in the most effective way possible.

  • Data Preservation and Stewardship
  • Data Interoperability and Use
  • Data Discovery and Access
  • Technology Exploration


Monday, April 29, 2019

08:30 Registration  
09:00 Convene  
  WGISS PLENARY Mirko Albani

Host Welcome (Dr. Volz, Dr. Kearns)

Dr. Steve Volz, Dr. Ed Kearns*
10:00 Welcome and Introductions, Adoption of Agenda Mirko Albani
10:10 Introduction to NCEI Ken Casey
10:20 WISP Report Michelle Piepgrass
10:30 WGISS Chair Report Mirko Albani
10:45 GEO Secretariat Report Paola de Salvo*
11:00 Break  
11:20 Future Meetings Robert Woodcock
11:30 CEOS Working Groups Reports and Progress on Cooperation with WGISS  
  WGCV  Kurtis Thome
12:00 Review of CEOS 2019-21 Work Plan and WGISS 2018-2020 Work Plan Mirko Albani
12:10 Systems Engineering Office (SEO) Report Brian Killough
12:30 Lunch (on your own)  
  Future Data Architectures Elements Demonstration and Interoperability Workshop  
13:50 Introduction and Scope  Robert Woodcock
14:10 GEO AquaWatch with Demonstration Steven Greb
14:30 CEOS SEO Client Interfaces and Open Data Cube with Demonstration Brian Killough
14:50 FDA Common Architecture Whitepaper (FDA-08) Robert Woodcock
15:10 Inventory and Characterize Existing FDAs (FDA-09) Mirko Albani
15:20 Break  
15:40 USGS Architecture for Services in the Cloud Kristi Kline
16:00 ESA PDGS Data Cube with Demonstration Andrea Della Vecchia
16:20 Discussion on 4i (interfaces, interoperability, implications and impact) Robert Woodcock
17:00 Adjourn  


Tuesday, April 30, 2019

09:00 Convene  
09:00 CEOS Executive Officer (CEO) Report Steven Hosford*
  Future Data Architectures Elements Demonstration and Interoperability Workshop, continued  
09:20 Data Cube Service Cristiano Lopes
09:40 GEOhazard Thematic Exploitation Platform with Demonstration Francesco Barchetta*
10:00 Copernicus Data and Exploitation Platform – Deutschland (CODEDE) Christian Strobl*, Christoph Reck *
10:20 Food Security Thematic Exploitation Platform with Demonstration  Antonio Romeo*
10:40 Break  
11:00 Plateforme d’Exploitation des Produits Sentinel (PEPS) Richard Moreno, Patrice Henri*
11:20 JASMIN Super Data Cluster Phil Kershaw*
11:40 Big Data Approaches Supporting Market Growth in EO at the Satellite Applications Catapult Rob Fletcher
12:00 Discussion: Concrete Next Steps for FDA Interoperability and Ecosystem Take-up Robert Woodcock, All
12:30 Lunch (on your own)  
13:40 Introduction Yonsook Enloe
13:45 WGISS Connected Data Assets Status Report Yonsook Enloe
14:00 IDN Update Michael Morahan
14:15 CWIC Update Yonsook Enloe
14:30 FedEO Evolution Andrea Della Vecchia
14:45 NOAA NCEI Rich Baldwin*
15:15 IDN Front End Portal, Branding and User Metrics (WGISS-46-17, 19) System Level Team, All 
15:30 Break – 10 min walk towards NOAA Campus – 1315 East West Highway  
15:50 Group Photo  
16:00 “Science on a Sphere” NOAA
17:00 Adjourn  
17:00 Reception at NOAA GATEWAY – 1325 East West Highway  
19:00 No-Host Dinner Event, McGinty’s Public House, 911 Ellsworth Dr., Silver Spring, MD  


Wednesday, May 1, 2019

09:00 Convene  
09:00 CEOS Working Groups Reports and Progress on Cooperation with WGISS  
09:00      WGCapD Nancy Searby*
 09:20 Earth Observation Services Metadata Use Cases  Valerie Dixon
       ISRO Use Cases

Nitant Dube*


Valerie Dixon

09:50 Inventory of Software and Tools (Open Source) (FDA-10)

Iolanda Maggio, Andrew Cherry

10:10 Carbon Data Portal Prototype (CARB-15): status and way forward discussion Liping Di
10:30 White Paper on Single Sign-On (SSO) Authentication (DATA-14) Damiano Guerrucci
10:50 Break  
11:00 Recovery Observatory Richard Moreno
11:20 GEO Knowledge Hub and WGISS Contribution – discussion Chris Lynnes, All
  12:30Lunch (on your own)  
13:50 Solution for Long Term Preservation – Workshop outcomes Daniele Iozzino*
14:00     Data Stewardship Activities at NOAA Nancy Ritchey
14:20 EO Ontologies Iolanda Maggio
14:30      NASA Michael Morahan
14:50          ESA     Andrea Della Vecchia
15:10      CNES Richard Moreno
15:30 Break  
15:50 WMO Stewardship Maturity Matrix for Climate Data (SMM-CD) Ge Peng*
16:10 Update on RDA FAIR Data Maturity Model Working Group Ge Peng*
16:30 RDA Possible Collaboration Iolanda Maggio
16:40 GEO DMP Proposal – Discussion Iolanda Maggio
16:50 PV2020 and Other Relevant Conferences Iolanda Maggio
17:00 Adjourn  


Thursday, May 2, 2019

09:00 Convene  
09:00 CEOS Working Groups Reports and Progress on Cooperation with WGISS  
       WGClimate Joerg Schultz*
       Sustainable Development Goals Ad-hoc Team (SDG AHT) Marc Paganini*
09:20 Data Services in the Cloud Chris Lynnes
09:25      Advanced Geospatial Techniques: Aiding Earth Observation Applications Nitant Dube*
09:45      OGC Testbeds 14 and 15 Cristiano Lopes
10:05      CNES Activities and Services in the Cloud Pierre Lassalle
10:25      EOSDIS Architecture for Data Services in the Cloud Chris Lynnes
10:45 Break  
11:05 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Chris Lynnes
11:10      Workshop on Leveraging AI in the Exploitation of Satellite EO and Numerical Weather Prediction Sid Boukabara
11:30      AI for EO and EO for AI Sveinung Loekken*
11:50      Machine Intelligence Towards Tomorrow’s Earth Science Data Systems Manil Maskey*
12:10      A New Large-Scale Sentinel-2 Benchmark Archive to Drive Deep Learning Studies in Remote Sensing Begum Demir*
12:30      Multi-task Deep Learning from Sentinel-1 SAR: Ship Detection, Classification and Length Estimation Clement Dechesne*
12:50      CNES Initiatives on AI Pierre Lassalle
13:10      Discussion and Way Forward Chris Lynnes
13:20 Lunch (on your own)  
  Agency/Liaison Reports  
14:30 NASA Andrew Mitchell
14:40 HSO Gabor Remetey-Fülöpp
14:50 JAXA Makoto Natsuisaka
15:00 ISO TC211 Liping Di
15:10 Break  
15:30 WGISS Summary Mirko Albani
15:50 Review of WGISS-46 Actions Michelle Piepgrass
16:00 WGISS-47 Actions Michelle Piepgrass
16:50 Concluding Remarks Mirko Albani
17:00 Adjourn