Event Dates: April 3rd - 6th, 2017
WGISS-43 Attendees

WGISS-43 Attendees

The 43rd Meeting of the Working Group on Information Systems

& Services 

Hosted by: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Location: Annapolis, Maryland, USA




Monday, April 3, 2017

Time Topic Point of Contact






Andrew Mitchell

09:00 Host Welcome Logistics Information Andrew Mitchell
09:10 Welcome and Introductions, Adoption of Agenda Andrew Mitchell
09:20 NASA Welcome Address

Kevin Murphy,

NASA HQ Program Executive

09:40 WISP Report Anne Kennerley
09:50 WGISS Chair Report Andrew Mitchell
10:15 Break  
10:30 Review of WGISS-42 Actions Andrew Mitchell
11:15 Review of CEOS and GEO Actions Andrew Mitchell
12:00    Lunch  
  CEOS Activities  
13:30 CEO Report Andrew Mitchell
13:45 SEO Report Brian Killough
14:15 SEO Outreach Activities Kim Holloway*
14:30 WGISS Brochure Andrew Mitchell
15:00 Break  
15:15 WGISS Support for MIM and Service Registry Andrew Mitchell
15:30 ISO TC 211 Liping Di
  OGC TB13 EO Cloud Thread Cristiano Lopes
16:00  Agency/Liaison Reports  
  GA/CSIRO Robert Woodcock
  GSDI Gabor Remetey*
16:45 Minutes and Action Items Review Michelle Piepgrass
17:00 Adjourn  


 Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Time Topic Point of Contact



Continental Breakfast



Technology Exploration Workshop

Future Data Access and Analysis Architectures

09:00 Overview Robert Woodcock
10:00 Federated User Management  
  ESA Albrecht Schmidt*
  NASA Brett McLaughlin*
10:30 Break  
10:45 Future Data Access and Analysis Prototype Systems, continued  
  NASA EOSDIS Cloud Prototype Systems Chris Lynnes
  CNES Data Cube Erwann Poupart*
  GEOHazards Exploitation Platform Pilot Project Sveinung Loekken*
12:15 Group Photo  
12:30    Lunch  
14:00 Future Data Access and Analysis Prototype Systems, continued  
  INPE Data Cube Lubia Vinhas
  USGS Data Cube Brian Sauer*
  Colombia Data Cube Brian Killough
15:30 Break  
15:45 MRI (Moderate Resolution Sensor Interoperability) Brian Killough

Cloud Computing and Future Data Access and Analysis Architectures Collaboration Session

  Discussion on Cloud Computing from WGISS-42 All
  Cloud Computing Lessons Learned/Best Practices All
17:00 Adjourn  
18:30 No-Host Group Dinner – Metropolitan Kitchen Lounge  


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Time Topic Point of Contact



Continental Breakfast


  GEOSS-WGISS Interoperability Workshop  
09:00 GEO Report Osamu Ochiai*
09:30 GEOSS  
  GEOSS Evolve Osamu Ochiai*
  NextGEOSS Bente Lilja Bye*
  GEOSS Service Registry Liping Di
10:30 Break  
10:45 GEOSS, continued  

Stefano Nativi*

Mattia Santoro*

  USGEO Common Framework Jeff de la Beaujardiere*

Angelica Gutierrez

Rich Frazier

  GEOSS Portal

Joost Van Bemmelen*

Guido Colangeli*

12:00    Lunch  
13:30 Capacity Building Discussion Nancy Searby
14:15 CEOS WGISS Connected Data Assets  
  Introduction Yonsook Enloe
  IDN Michael Morahan
  FedEO Mirko Albani
15:00 Break  
15:15 CEOS WGISS Connected Data Assets, continued  

Yonsook Enloe

Ken McDonald

  CEOS OpenSearch Update and Status

Olivier Barois

  CEOS OS BP Conformance Testing

Doug Newman

  CWIC Partner Report: ISRO

Kalpana Tangutura

  GEO-JSON Encoding

Olivier Barois

17:00 Adjourn  


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Time Topic Point of Contact



Continental Breakfast



Data Preservation Interest Group

09:00 Data Stewardship Interest Group Overview and Updates Mirko Albani
09:30 CEOS Core Document Status Mirko Albani
10:00 DMP IG as a Maturity Matrix

Iolanda Maggio*

10:45 Break  
11:00 Report on Agency Stewardship Activities Introduction Mirko Albani
11:10  Long Term Archive: Infrastructure & Processes All
  INPE Archive Lubia Vinhas
  ESA Archive Daniele Iozzino*
 11:50 Transcription Chains Razvan Cosac*
12:00    Lunch  
  Agency/Liaison Reports, continued  
13:30 Academy of Opto-Electronics Guangyu Liu
  CAS Lizhe Wang
  ESA Mirko Albani
  European Commission Astrid Koch
  ISRO Kalpana Tangutura
  JAXA Masumi Matsunaga
  NOAA Martin Yapur
  USGS Kristi Kline
15:00 Future Meetings Mirko Albani
15:30 Break  
15:45 WGISS Summary Andrew Mitchell

WGISS-43 Action Items

Michelle Piepgrass
16:30 Concluding Remarks Andrew Mitchell
17:00 Adjourn