CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: September 28th - October 2nd, 2015

WGISS-40 Meeting in Harwell, UK

The 40th Meeting of the Working Group on Information Systems & Services

Hosted by: UK Space Agency

Location: Harwell, United Kingdom

Dates: September 28 – October 2, 2015






Monday, September 28, 2015— Day 1

Item Time Description
  08:00 Registration
Welcome & Opening Session
1 09:15

Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Host Welcome and Logistics (Wyn Cudlip, UKSA)
  • Host Opening Address (Beth Greenaway, UKSA) [presentation]
  • WGISS Chair Welcome and Adoption of Agenda (Richard Moreno)
  • Introductions (All)
2 10:00

WISP Report (Michelle Piepgrass) [presentation]

3 09:10 WGISS Chair Report  (Richard Moreno) [presentation]
   10:45 Break
4 11:00

CEOS Executive Officer (Jonathon Ross) [presentation]

5 11:30

GEO Secretariat Report (Osamu Ochiai*) [presentation]

6 12:00

GEO Work Plan IN-02-C1 (Richard Moreno) [presentation]

7 13:30

New Themes/Priorities of Incoming CEOS Chair (Richard Moreno) [presentation]

8 14:00

WGISS Support to LSI VC and other CEOS Working Groups (Richard Moreno) [presentation]

9 14:30

WGISS Response to CEOS Actions Assigned to WGISS (Richard Moreno) [presentation]

   15:00 Break
10 15:15

WGISS Video for CEOS  (Yonsook Enloe) [presentation]

11 15:45 WGISS / WGCAPD Cooperation Topics (Eric Wood*) [presentation]
12 16:30 WGISS Website and Document Management System Review (Michelle Piepgrass)
13 16:50 Action Item Review (Michelle Piepgrass)
   17:00 Adjourn


Tuesday, September 29, 2015— Day 2

Item Time Description
  09:00 Convene
 14 09:00

Water Portal Project (Satoko Miura) [presentation]

  • Introduction and Status Report (Satoko Miura)
  • Input to the GEOSS Community Portal Discussion (Satoko Miura)
  • Discussion (all)
15 09:30 Recovery Observatory Project -Demonstration Video (Richard Moreno) [presentation]
  10:30 Break
16 10:45

Agency Reports

  12:15 Group Photo and Lunch
17 13:30

EO Ground Segment and Data Access Evolution Workshop (Wyn Cudlip, Mirko Albani)

Overview of Satellites, Ground Segment and Data Access Evolution

  • ESA Missions (Pascal Gilles) [presentation]

Overview of Sentinel Satellites, Ground Segment, Data Service, and Data/Information Access Evolution

  • Copernicus Space and Service Component (Pierre Potin) [presentation]

CEOS Agencies EO Missions

Discussion and Wrap-up:  Areas in EO Ground Segments where Evolution, New Technologies, and Innovative Approaches are Needed

19 16:50

Action Item Review (Michelle Piepgrass)

  17:00 Adjourn

 Wednesday, September 30, 2015 – Day 3


Item Time Description
  09:00 Convene
20 09:00

Data Stewardship Interest Group (Mirko Albani)

     Overview and Updates, Status of CEOS Best Practices (Mirko Albani) [presentation]

     Preservation of Software and Documents at CEOS Agencies:


Preservation of Software and Documents at CEOS Agencies (continued):

Discussion and Recommended Way Forward (All)

  12:30 Lunch  
 22  13:30

 Technology Exploration Interest Group (Andrew Mitchell)

     Cloud Processing at ESA (Cristiano Lopes) [presentation]

     Retirement of FTP:


 Open Source Software Practices at CEOS Agencies

  • NASA World Wind Europa Challenge 2015 (Gabor Remetey) [presentation]
  • Open Source Practices at ESA (Olivier Barois*) [presentation]
  • CEOS Data Cube Open Source Software Status (Brian Killough*) [presentation]
  • NASA (ESDIS) Open Source Status (Andrew Mitchell)
  • CNES (Richard Moreno) [presentation]
24 16:00

CEOS/WGISS Open Source Page (All)

25 16:10

Action Item Review (Michelle Piepgrass)





 Thursday, October 1, 2015 – Day 4

  09:00 Convene
26 09:00

Interoperability Interest Group

OpenSearch (Yoshiyuki Kudo, Jérôme Gasperi*)

27 10:00

IDN (Michael Morahan)

  •      IDN Report (Michael Morahan) [presentation]
  •      CNES Technical Work to Feed the IDN (Véronique Payot*) [presentation]

IDN (continued):

  •      Canadian Federal Geospatial Platform (Brian McLeod) [presentation]
28 11:15 FedEO Introduction and Demonstration (Mirko Albani, Yves Coene*) [Intro presentation][Demonstration]
  12:30 Lunch
29 13:30

CWIC (Yonsook Enloe, Ken McDonald*)

    CWIC Status (Yonsook Enloe) [presentation]


CWIC (Continued)

    CWIC Smart OS Validator (Doug Newman*) [presentation]

    GEO/CWIC Interactions (Ken McDonald*) [presentation]

 30  15:30 CEOS OpenSearch Developer’s Guide   (Doug Newman*) [presentation]
 31  15:45 Open Search Project Closure and Discussion for the New Project and Documents (All)
 32 16:45 WGISS Glossary of Terms (All)
 33 16:50 Action Item Review (Michelle Piepgrass)
  17:00 Adjourn 

 Friday, October 2, 2015 – Day 5

  09:00 Convene
34 09:00 WGISS response to DataCube request for participation (All)
35 09:30 WGISS Organization Review (Richard Moreno, All)
36 10:00 WGISS Video for CEOS Plenary (All)
 37 11:00 WGISS Terms of Reference Discussion (Wyn Cudlip, All)
 38  11:30 Chair Summary (Richard Moreno)
 39  12:00 Action Item Finalization (Michelle Piepgrass)
  13:00 Adjourn