CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: March 14th - 18th, 2016

The 41st Meeting of the Working Group on Information Systems & Services (Held jointly with WGCV)


WGISS-41 Meeting in Canberra, Australia

Hosted by: Geoscience Australia (GA)

Location: Canberra, Australia







Monday, March 14
8:30 Host Welcome Logistics Information Presentation
9:00 Welcome and Introductions  
9:10 GA Welcome Address  
9:20 Adoption of Agenda  
9:30 WISP, Meeting Instructions Presentation
9:40 WGISS Chair Report Presentation
10:00 Review of WGISS Actions Presentation
11:00 Break  
11:15 Discussion on joint activities with WGCV  
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Data Stewardship Interest Group Overview and Updates Presentation
14:15 Preservation of Software and Documents Presentation
14:45 Report on Agencies Stewardship Activities  
  NOAA – Scientific Maturity Model  
  ESA – Maturity Matrix/Model for Harmonization Presentation
15:15 Break  
15:30 Report on Agencies Stewardship Activities  
  Landsat Global Archive Consolidation (LGAC)  Presentation
  ESA-NASA Joint Effort for Historical Data Recovery Presentation
16:15 Preservation Discussion  
  Thesaurus Presentation
  Persistent Identifiers Presentation
16:45 Minutes and Action Items review  
Tuesday, March 15 WGISS PLENARY  
8:30 Review of Presentation Instructions  
8:35 Introduction and Overview                                 
8:45 Natural Language Interface for Exploratory Data Analysis  Presentation
9:00 Remote Sensing Data Semantics Presentation
  Big Data  
9:15 Bridging the gap between the HPD/HPC ‘Big Data’  Presentation
9:35 Recent Work on Remote Sensing Cloud Computing and Big Data Processing Presentation
9:50 NOSQL influenced solution for EO data exploration Presentation
10:10 Discrete Global Grid Systems – a New way to manage ‘Big Earth Data’  Presentation
10:30 Break  
10:45 Optimisation of Storage Structure to Enable Efficient File Access and Processing on Massive Time-series of EO Data    Presentation
11:05 Bringing the Processing Close to the Data Presentation
  Technology Exploration Discussion: Semantics and Big Data  
12:15 Next Steps Presentation
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Future Architecture of Data  
14:30 WGISS Contribution to CEOS Future Data Architectures Study Team Report  
15:00 CEOS Data Cube prototypes in Kenya and Colombia     Presentation
15:45 Recovery Observatory Project Presentation
16:15 USE Discussion  
16:45 Minutes and Action Items review  
Wednesday, March 16 WGISS/WGCV JOINT PLENARY  
8:30 Welcome and Introductions  
8:40 Host Welcome Opening Address  
8:55 Host Welcome Opening Address Presentation
9:10 Adoption of Agendas   
9:20 CEOS Executive Officer Report Presentation
9:50 GEO Secretariat Report Presentation
10:20 Group Photo, Break  
11:00 GEO Work Plan IN-02-C1 / GEO Strategic Plan GD 5  
11:30 Introduction on WGCV/WGISS Joint Efforts  
  Future Data Access  
  Carbon Action items Presentation
  Metadata and Metrics  
  LSI Virtual constellation  
  NMA initiative (for information) Presentation
12:00 Discussion on Joint Interaction  Presentation
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Discussion and Summary of Joint Interaction  
14:15 Joint Recommendations to CEOS and GEO  
14:45 Minutes and Action Items review  
Thursday, March 17 WGISS PLENARY  
8:30 Review of Presentation Instructions  
8:35 Water Portal Project  Presentation
  Project Summary  
  Project Closing  
9:00 IDN Presentation
9:45 OpenSearch II Presentation
10:30 Break  
10:45 FedEO Presentation
11:30 CWIC  
  CWIC Report Presentation
  ESDC – Future CWIC Client  
  ISRO Report Presentation
  ROSCOSMOS Report Presentation
  NOAA Notes Presentation
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 WGISS Connected Assets  Presentation
14:00 Additional Data Sources  
  OpenSearch Validator Presentation
14:30 ACCESS Discussion  Presentation
14:55 Minutes and Action Items review  
Friday, March 18 WGISS PLENARY  
8:30 Review of Presentation Instructions  
8:35 Agency/Liaison Reports  
  GA/CSIRO Presentation
  GSDI Presentation
  ISRO Presentation
  JAXA Presentation
  NASA Presentation
  NOAA Presentation
  USGS Presentation
10:30 Break  
10:45 Discussion on WGCV joint activities  
11:15 WGISS-42 Agenda Plan  
11:30 Future Meetings  Presentation
11:45 WGISS Summary  Presentation
12:15 Action Items Status  
12:45 Concluding Remarks