CEOS Development Environment


Event Dates: April 18th - 20th, 2023

The 55th Meeting of the Working Group on Information Systems and Services

Location: Córdoba, Argentina

Hosted by: Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales (CONAE)

Dates: April 18-20, 2023 

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Information for In-person Participants



Tuesday, April 18, 2023
9:00 Welcome from CONAE  Raúl Kulichevsky (CONAE)
9:15 Logistics Homero Lozza (CONAE)
9:20 Opening Remarks; Introductions, including remote participants Makoto Natsuisaka (JAXA)
9:30 WGISS Chair Report Makoto Natsuisaka (JAXA)
9:45 CEOS Executive Officer Report Marie-Claire Greening (CEO)
10:00 Discussion of CEOS Work Plan Deliverables for WGISS All
10:15 Break  
CEOS Interoperability Framework
10:30 Session Objectives Makoto Natsuisaka (JAXA)
10:40 Introduction to the CEOS Interoperability Framework Tom Sohre (USGS)
11:00 Professional Open-Source Framework for Earth System Digital Twins and Applications Thomas Huang (JPL for NASA)
11:40 CEOS Systems Engineering Office Cloud Use Strategy David Borges (NASA)
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 Discussion on the Vision, Outcomes, Actions, Next Steps  
Technology Exploration
14:00 Session Objectives Yosuke Ikehata (JAXA)
  Jupyter Notebooks  
14:10 Status of Jupyter Notebooks Best Practice Esther Conway(UKRI/STFC)
14:20 Discussion All
14:25 Proposal for AI/ML Survey in WGISS Yosuke Ikehata (JAXA)
14:50 Break  
15:10 NOAA Steps Toward the Geoverse Ryan Berkheimer (NOAA)*
15:35 Plymouth Marine Laboratory Work David Moffat(PML)*
16:00 MLHub and AI/ML in CMR Valerie Dixon (NASA), Michael Morahan (NASA)
16:25 STAC Activity Yves Coene (Spacebel for ESA)
16:40 Discussion All
16:50 Outcomes, Actions, Next Steps Yosuke Ikehata(JAXA)
17:00 Adjourn  

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

WGISS-WGDisasters Joint Symposium
9:00 Introduction of joint session and round table introductions (including remote) Hélène de Boissezon (CNES)
9:10 Introduction to CONAE Laura Frulla (CONAE)
9:25 Overview of WGISS Activities Makoto Natsuisaka (JAXA)
9:40 Overview of WGDisasters Activities Hélène de Boissezon (CNES)
9:55 Presentation of WGISS AI/ML White Paper  Yosuke Ikehata (JAXA)
10:10 Presentation of WG Disasters Planned Use Case on ML and the Wildfire Sector  Alan Cantin (NRCan),David Borges (NASA)
10:20 Break  
10:35 General Discussion Around Use of ML for EO Analysis and Suggestions for Possible Joint Activity All
11:00 Service Discovery Best Practice Activity  Yves Coene (Spacebel for ESA)
11:15 Use of EAIL in Flood Pilot and Other Possible Synergies Marcelo Uriburu (CONAE)
11:25 General Discussion and Joint Session Wrap-up All
11:35 Agency Presentations (3 to 5 minutes each) Interested agencies
  USGS Emergency Operations Activities  Tom Sohre (USGS)
  ASI Antonio Montuori (ASI)
12:00 Lunch  
13:10 Session Objectives Damiano Guerrucci (ESA)*
13:20 Data Access Authorisation – Toward Federated Access  
  EGI (OpenEO) – Federated Authorisation Valeria Ardizzone (EGI for ESA)*
  NASA – Multifactor Authorisation  Valerie Dixon (NASA)* 
14:00 GEO-ZARR WG led by NASA  Christophe Noel (Spacebel for ESA)*
14:20 ISO TC211 Liping Di (NASA)*
14:35 IDN and CWIC Update  Michael Morahan (NASA)
14:50 FedEO Update Yves Coene (Spacebel for ESA)
15:00 Break  
15:20 Metrics Best Practice on Cloud (NASA Implementation) Doug Newman (NASA), Min Wong (NASA)
15:40 Service Discovery: OSS Tools Metadata Ingestion Use Cases – FedEO/ IDN Yves Coene (Spacebel for ESA), Michael Morahan (NASA)
16:00 Outcomes, Actions, Next Steps Damiano Guerrucci (ESA)*
Agency and Liaison Reports
16:30 ESA Mirko Albani (ESA)
16:40 NOAA Ken Casey (NOAA)
16:50 UKSA Esther Conway (UKSA)
17:00 Adjourn  

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Agency and Liaison Reports, continued
9:00 ISRO Sai Kalpana Tanguturu (ISRO)*
9:10 Session Objectives Mirko Albani (ESA)
9:20 Archive Technologies Evolution White Paper Daniele Iozzino (RHEA for ESA)*
9:40 DSIG Best Practices Refreshment Iolanda Maggio (RHEA for ESA)
10:10 Data Publication, Preservation and Knowledge Hub Liu Chuang (NRSCC)
10:25 Break  
10:40 Copernicus Sentinels Ground Segment Architecture  Razvan Cosac (ESA)*
11:05 Session on AVHRR Data Archives  
  AVHRR Data: European Coverage Mirko Albani (ESA), S. Wunderle (UniBern)*
  AVHRR Data: North American Coverage Ken Casey (NOAA)
  AVHRR Data Recovery Project Mirko Albani (ESA)
12:00 Lunch  
13:00 Introduction of DOIs to the JAXA G-Portal Products  Yosuke Ikehata (JAXA)
13:10 Data Replicas (Authenticity and Integrity) in the Cloud Use Case Mirko Albani (ESA)
13:30 Authenticating Data Replicas Doug Newman (NASA), Michael Morahan (NASA)
13:45 Outcomes, Actions, Next Steps Mirko Albani (ESA)
14:00 WGISS Strategic and Interoperability Framework Discussion Makoto Natsuisaka (JAXA)
15:00 Break  
15:20 Future Meetings Tom Sohre (USGS)
15:30 WGISS Vice Chair Solicitation, and Organizational Matters Makoto Natsuisaka (JAXA)
15:45 Summary of Meeting Outcomes, Next Steps Tom Sohre (USGS)
16:30 Review of WGISS Actions and Meeting Feedback Michelle Piepgrass (JAXA)
16:45 Concluding Discussion and Remarks Makoto Natsuisaka (JAXA)
17:00 Adjourn