The CEOS Working Group on Calibration & Validation (WGCV) Mission is to ensure long-term confidence in the accuracy and quality of Earth Observation data and products and provide a forum for the exchange of information about calibration and validation, coordination, and cooperative activities.

Calibration is the process of quantitatively defining a system’s responses to known, controlled signal inputs. Validation, on the other hand, is the process of assessing, by independent means, the quality of the data products derived from those system outputs.

The WGCV addresses the need for standardized ways of combining data from different sources to ensure interoperability among existing and future Earth Observing systems and promotes the international exchange of technical information and documentation, joint experiments, and the sharing of facilities, expertise, and resources. This makes the WGCV the go-to-group for all things calibration and validation in the international user-community.

The WGCV Subgroups also conduct many activities around specific topics or sensor-types.
Learn more in our 5-year Work Plan (2011-2016). Please contact the WGCV Secretariat for more information or to be added to the WGCV Mailing List.