CEOS Development Environment

LSI-VC Forests & Biomass Subgroup

(Formerly: Ad Hoc Space Data Coordination Group for the Global Forest Observations Initiative)

The SDCG was established at the 25th CEOS Plenary (2011) to implement the CEOS Strategy for Space Data Coverage and Continuity in Support of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI).

Given the successful launch and ongoing operation of the free and open core data stream missions at the heart of the GFOI Space Data Strategy, the emphasis from 2019 onwards for CEOS is less on the assurance of data coverage, and more on data accessibility and usability.

The 2019 CEOS Plenary endorsed the transition of the Ad Hoc Space Data Coordination Group for GFOI to become a thematic subgroup on Forests & Biomass within LSI-VC.

Strategy Documents

SDCG developed: 


SDCG for GFOI Strategy Documents    

The Global Baseline Data Acquisition Strategy – Element 1, 2014 Update

This document defines a strategy to provide baseline global acquisition coverage for GFOI countries. This strategy was originally endorsed at the 28th CEOS Strategic Implementation Team Meeting (SIT-28), and a 2014 update was produced for CEOS SIT-29.

The Space Data Services Strategy – Element 2

This document defines a selection of services that provide a case-by-case response to a country’s satellite data needs, which are not always adequately covered by the baseline strategy and which take into account national needs as well as existing/planned capacities and relationships.

Satellite Data in Support of GFOI R&D – Element 3, April 2018 Update

The SDCG Element-3 Strategy is focussed on the acquisition and supply of Earth Observation (EO) data in support of GFOI R&D. The strategy comprises a single coordinated observation plan for acquisition of dense time-series, multi-sensor data (optical and SAR) over a limited number of dedicated study sites to address priority R&D topics as identified by GFOI.

SDCG 3-Year Work Plan – Work Plan

This Work Plan has been prepared to map out the activities of the SDCG. A revised Work Plan is underway in 2019 to reflect Phase 2 of GFOI and the emphasis of CEOS support on data uptake.