CEOS Development Environment

International Directory Network (IDN)


The International Directory Network (IDN) Interest Group is responsible for coordinating activities among participating international agencies to maintain, improve, and expand the functions and use of the CEOS International Directory Network (IDN) and the IDN Search Portal.

The CEOS IDN Master Directory assists researchers by providing free, online access to information on scientific datasets (metadata)  in the Earth sciences, including geoscience, hydrospheric science, biospheric science, satellite remote sensing, and atmospheric science. This metadata describes data held by university departments, government agencies, multinational organizations, and other organizations all over the world.


IDN efforts include:

  • Maintaining IDN website content
  • Maintaining and adding new metadata records from CEOS Agencies
  • Maintaining usage statistics and reporting them to CEOS Agencies
  • Maintaining and adding new GCMD Keyword entries from CEOS Agencies


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